3 May 2015


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^^My lovely hubby (he'll probably tell me off for putting up this pic!) Image by our fab photographer Adam Gibbard^^

Joe is back with his very own version of the 'Taking Stock' posts. When he sent me this one I did question the constant lawn mower references, but I thought I would leave him to it as it seems that this is a thorough insight into the 'man mind', lawn mowers an' all!

Making | friends with our lawn mower again.
Cooking | and burning sausages in the oven.
Drinking | champagne, before and after our wedding.
Reading | our marriage certificate.
Wanting | the garden to cut itself.
Looking | at our wedding photos.
Playing | chess.
Deciding | which level to set the lawn mower.
Wishing | we could live by the coast.
Enjoying | picking up Gizmo from her hotel.
Waiting | in line for fish and chips.
Liking | having tea and ice creams with friends on the beach.
Wondering | if I have cut the garden too short.
Loving | my beautiful wife.
Hoping | our new song turns out well.
Marvelling | at Marazion sunsets.
Needing | to make an album one day soon.
Smelling | sea air and fishing villages.
Wearing | a suit for the first time in ages.
Following | instructions of a photographer.
Noticing | that tiny inscription in one of our photographs.
Knowing | you can watch Jeremy Kyle repeats and still be entertained.
Thinking | I need to get back on the spin bike.
Feeling | calm.
Opening | little envelopes from Lucy every day up to our wedding.
Giggling | whilst watching a man levitate out of the sea on a water-powered hover-board!

So, there you have it folks, a month by the mind of a (rather garden obsessed) man.

You should try giving this list to your other half and see what they write down. I find it quite insightful! :-)

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