17 May 2015


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Having mentioned 'Overnight oats' in passing a couple of times, I thought I would put together a blog post to show how very easy they really are to make. Seriously guys, just go on Pinterest and type in 'overnight oats' to be immediately overwhelmed with options. There are some seriously yummy recipes, including some treat options, with chocolate and other scrumptious ingredients to get the mouth watering.

I am being stupidly healthy right now however, so like to keep mine relatively simple and as healthy as possible, therefore the combination I make is crazy fast to put together. Let's get started.

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To create my overnight oats you will need:
:: Gluten free oats
:: Chia seeds
:: Unsweetened almond milk
:: One apple
:: Blueberries
:: Honey to sweeten

I usually find that this makes three portions.

How to make: 
Being the kind of slap-dash chef I am I just use a large mug to measure my oats out. I fill the mug all the way to the top and pop the oats into a bowl. Next, I use the same mug and fill it to the top with the almond milk, adding it to the oats and stirring.

(If the mixture looks stupidly thick just add a drop more milk. You need to make sure there is a little room for the oats to absorb some milk. They shouldn't be swimming in it, just a little extra!)

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Once the oats and milk are at the right consistency start to add your fruit. I have put in some blueberries (just add as many as you fancy). I also chopped up one apple and added two teaspoons of chia seeds. Stir all these ingredients together to distribute the seeds and fruit.

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I then add some honey to sweeten. This may be a step that you prefer to do as and when you serve each portion, especially if the people eating it have a variety of preferences!

Other things I sometimes add are desiccated coconut or cinnamon. The combination of the cinnamon and apple are really great!

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Once you have added everything you want in your oats all you need to do is cover the mixing bowl with some cling-film and literally leave overnight in the fridge. Before serving just give it a good stir and you are good to go. This will last about 3 days in the fridge but, to be honest, it doesn't stand a chance of lasting longer than that in our house with me around. 

If you make this why not Tweet a picture and tag me in or if you have another combo of ingredients you like let me know in the comments :-)


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