11 May 2015


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If you watch my YouTube videos regularly you probably know, by the tone of last months Birch Box video, that I was considering ending my subscription. That day has come. If you want to know why then you will have to watch the video below :-)

Don't get me wrong, Birch Box is fab, I just think it is not the best option for me. I came away from the You Beauty Discovery Box, a service allowing you to pick what you will get, to try something with the element of surprise. Turns out, surprises sometimes mean you will dislike your entire box, boo!

There were a only two products I liked in May's box, the rest I am going to send out to the first person to ask for them on my Facebook Page! (sorry but I can only send these within the UK for this as it is not a 'proper' giveaway... I am thinking of doing one of those soon by the way, so stay tuned!). If you watch the video and fancy receiving the samples I didn't want (un-used obviously!), just 'Like' my Facebook Page and tell me you would like them and I will message you (somehow) and get them over to you. First come, first served so go, go, go!


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