27 May 2015


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^^An awesome Carl Jung quote | water-coloured by me :-) ^^

For several years I have had a dream to make my work/life balance better. The same pattern of events happened every New Years Eve; I would think over the months gone by and contemplate how I could get to where I wanted to be. I'd make plans in my head and buy another book to help me understand what it was I wanted to achieve. As the fresh, new year unfolded, my dreams of change grew more and more faint as 'real life' took the reigns and led me along the same old path...again.

For some reason 2015 felt different somehow. Yes, I had the same thoughts, the same hopes and dreams (hey, at least I'm consistent!) but this time I thought 'this is it' and 'if I don't do it now, I may never know what I could have achieved'. 

All I could think about in January of this year is how I don't want to be someone who waits for a significant 'life event' to knock me off my feet and make me re-evaluate my entire life. I want to be in total control of what I am doing. Somehow, I have got to 34 years old and still haven't quite felt that I am doing the right thing for me, for my soul. 

Fast forward to now.

Now, I am pushing forward.

Am I utterly exhausted? Yes.

Am I short of free time? Yes.

Do I feel like I am making progress? Yes! (It's slow, and bloody hell, is it hard work, but I am inching forward, bit by bit).

So, what am I doing? Well, unfortunately, my big plans are currently high-security in their status (if I told you, I'd have to kill you and all that!) but I just want to put it out there and say this: if you have a dream, forget it's a dream and make it a plan, right now. Just try

I am super-lucky to be working with a fab coach, who I have definitely mentioned before, Gemma Sands, but my plans were in motion even before this opportunity, it is just that Gemma has allowed me to explore more in-depth thoughts and ideals and has given me some awesome tips and advice. Together, we are working out a plan for what I want to achieve (having someone to answer to is also a really helpful thing also!).

One of the things that Gemma got me to do, and something that I have seen other people do on-line before too, is to imagine (and write down) the ideal day, from getting up to going to bed, and everything in-between. I'll tell you what, that exercise is darn useful and really helped me to focus back to why I wanted to put plans in place to make some life-changes. Try it!

Are you making steps towards your ideal future? What do those steps entail for you? If, unlike me, you are at a stage that you don't mind sharing what's going on with you, then please do comment down below, I'd love to hear what you're up to. (Can I just add that the only reason I'm not sharing right now is because it is still early days, but give me time and you won't be able to shut me up!).


  1. "Am I utterly exhausted? Yes.
    Am I short of free time? Yes.
    Do I feel like I am making progress? Yes!"
    I can so relate to this at the minute! I'm determined to keep going and thinking about my ideal life is what is getting me through those hectic days. We'll get there!

    1. You are doing amazingly lovely...I am loving your blog so much (I didn't realise it wasn't on my 'blogs I love' tab (doh!) ...it is now :-) I don't know about you but it is just time for me. I keep having really good runs of productivity and then a whole load of time where I hit a wall, lose all enthusiasm for everything and just grump about all moody and tired. Then it starts again! :-)


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