29 May 2015


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^^Image source Pinterest, original here | I have been painting many, many succulents this week!^^

This week has been pretty awesome. It has not been varied or probably that interesting for anyone else (I'll find out when I put up the vlog I have done this week I guess!) but, for me, it has been pretty darn great! It has been half term so I have been at home; this will be the last chance I get for proper time off now until it is winter outside again, as the summer holidays are one of my busiest times at work. Needless to say the fabulous British weather has been testing out our wardrobes once again, one minute I'm digging out shorts and the next I am pulling out my ugg boots to wear in the house (what?!).

Before I start on my 'what I am grateful for this week' I just wanted to gently remind you that I have put out a survey for all the lovely readers of my blog so you can have your say on how From Lucy with Love moves forward. There are not going to be any huge changes, but I have been thinking about switching a couple of things up for a while now. I value your thoughts and opinions so would love it if you could complete the questions for me!

For all the information please see yesterday's blog post or simply click here to go straight to the survey (it's super-duper short I promise). Thank you to everyone who has completed it so far, I am grateful for that big time :-)

Five things I am grateful for this week:

1. Getting a Fitbit delivered. Joe treated me to one after I have wanted one for absolutely ages. I get stupidly inspired and motivated by seeing stats, especially when I am training. I used to have a heart rate monitor but this is so handy as you don't have to worry about a chest strap! Now there is no stopping me! (I may do a post on it as I have had quite a few questions after posting a picture on Instagram. If you would be interested in my honest opinion on this fitness tool and how useful it is just say in the comments). Thanks so much hubby! (xxx)

2. Spending time in my office. I finally have my home-office exactly how I want it and, for the first time ever, I have a space that I feel desperate to get into in the mornings. It is so light and I feel like I am super-productive whenever I go in there. Being surrounded my all my favorite things really helps the inspiration levels you know!

3. Having some new perfume! Hurrah! Well, technically I don't have it yet as it is with my mum and dad in Spain, but it's not too long before I have some! I asked them to grab me some of the Clarins Eau Dynamisante at the airport as it is more affordable (I hope!). I have a teeny, tiny sample of the other Clarins fragrance I love, Eau Ressourcante, so I am making that last at the moment. I am notoriously awkward to get perfume for as I hate floral, sweet and girly scents, but with the Clarins fragrance I find they are more 'spa' like in scent and are very uplifting, rather than overpowering, Thanks mum and dad for grabbing that for me, even though it was silly o'clock in the morning, you are super stars!

4. Seeing the sunflower seeds I planted about 10 days ago growing taller every day. One or two of them have been munched by an anonymous set of teeth but the rest are looking fab! I cannot wait for them to grow into 'proper' sunflowers and cheer up the patio pots!

5. My lovely friend, Helena, for being my text-a-friend-question-and-answer service this week. Me: 'Sorry, me again, can you tell me what would be a good graphics tablet?' Helena: 'sure, no worries....{insert useful info here}...' and then, me: 'hi, me again, do you know the best place to buy fonts?', Helena: '{insert lots more useful information here}'. Despite the fact that she is pretty darn close to getting married and has a billion and one things going on she managed not to text 'Lucy, can you just use that useful tool on the tinterwebs...what is it called, let me think...GOOGLE!!'. Thanks Helena, you rock chicken! :-)

Other things that have inspired me this week: 
Meg's blog post, from Wonderful You, about quitting her job and deciding to blog full-time. This appealed to me more because I have been following Meg for a while and know that she has had a mega hard time of late. I was so happy to see that she is feeling more positive and going after what she wants, and why not! / Rosie's YouTube video's never fail to inspire me. She could be doing anything at all and I would love them anyway. Seeing what her and her lovely little family get up to just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. / My 'I quit Sugar' recipe book, by Sarah Wilson. I have been pretty glued to this recently and am planning on making a few of the snacks this weekend (if only my food order would arrive!). I highly recommend this book though, the tips and recipes are fabulous and, other than needing to grab a few core items for your cupboards, it is totally achievable.

What have you guys been up to this week? :-)


  1. Can't wait to hear all about your Fitbit although I suspect I'll then need to buy one...
    So glad you've had an awesome week though. Mine has been spent coming back from a break then going off again to play nurse maid then going back to work for a day then the weekend. Thank Crunchie for the weekend.
    M x

    1. I am loving the Fitbit, he's gorgeous...oh, the gadget thing? That's good too ;-) I will do a little post on it soon for sure. Playing nurse? Have you had a poorly household? There is quite a bit going around right now...sending out healthy vibes xxx


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