15 May 2015


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This week has been a week of extremes. Hot sun and cold rain. High energy and full on sleepiness. Massive motivation and, literally, none at all. What a weird one.

Committing to more posts of my blog this week has been great fun but also pretty hard work alongside a very (very) busy full time job. I have really enjoyed contributing to Mental Health Awareness Week though, it is something I am so passionate about and having an actual 'awareness week' meant that I was officially allowed to rant on. Usually I just do it for no reason!

What have you been up to this week? Come and chat in the comments or over on Facebook and tell me the one big thing you are grateful for this week... here are my top five:

1. Receiving lovely comments and messages from you guys and my YouTube subscribers. I have been attempting to put myself out there a little more of late and found myself getting quite anxious about the amount of notifications and messages I received. Once I got over the fear of that and sat and read all your lovely comments I felt super happy. You guys are wonderful and the fact that you stop by here to read my ramblings, or listen to me waffle on about make up, or whatever it is, on my YouTube channel, is absolutely wonderful to me. You are the best.

2. A treat roast at mum and dads. Oh. My. Goodness! Roast sweet potatoes, parsnips, carrots, beef, Yorkshire puddings... okay, I have to change the subject because my mouth is watering! 

3. Finding some new ankle boots in the ASOS sale. This is something I really didn't want to have to put money towards this month because I am trying to save some money, but my old ones (they really weren't that old) from Newlook decided to explode. That may be slightly over dramatic! Basically, they didn't have a solid heel and I was merrily wandering along and the left heel made a pathetic little sighing noise and gave up on life. Great. I wear ankle boots all the time and, with the weather getting warmer, I couldn't justify wearing my bigger, heavier, winter boots, so I had to invest. I found these basic beauties for just £25.00. They are arriving today, hooray!

4. A cheery print from a talented illustrator. I discovered Fran Meneses when she was mentioned by Estee, from the blog Essie Button. She is an awesome illustrator living in Berlin and I subscribe to her YouTube Channel as she often talks about some of my favourite things in life...art materials. Last week I checked out her Etsy shop and just could not resist her fab print titled 'Frida and Khalo'. I love the artist Frida Khalo and thought Fran's interpretation of her was spot on (mustache too!) but to see she had drawn Frida with a cat...sold! The print, including delivery, was super affordable too. Now I just have to find a frame...

5. A 'date-night' scheduled in. After a stressful day mid-week, Joe decided we need a night out so he booked us into our favourite restaurant for next Friday and I cannot wait. We could've gone tonight but I am trying not to have too many treat meals. I am on track right now so one treat meal every two weeks fits better and, as I said above, there was a yummy roast last weekend so I have already had something this week. Time to start menu-dreaming for next Friday then!

Have a fantastic weekend guys, if you didn't get to see this weeks Mental Health posts please do check them out and leave me your thoughts and comments too, I would love to hear from you on the subject.


  1. Love your gratitude entries... Thanks for sharing xx

  2. Hi Alex, thank you for your comment. I have just been looking at your site...I love it. Having a read of the 'How to Delete Stress from your Life' post :-)


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