1 May 2015


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^^Some creative bits & bobs on my desk right now^^

Phew. You know what? I am kind of glad to see the rear-end of this week. Mid-week hit (or 'hump-day' as it is known around these parts) and it all went a little upside down. But that was then, and this is now, so let me tell you the positives and get cracking with the 'Five Things I am Grateful for This Week'...

1. Remembering to pick up some coconut to add to my yoghurt, fruit and granola (which is now my treat for the day). This is so ruddy tasty. It's funny how, as soon as I made the conscious effort to clean up my diet even more, what was a healthy breakfast has now become a treat-snack! 

2. Having an amazing husband (it feels so strange to say 'husband'!) who is always so calm and peaceful to be around and just knows when I need a hug and a cup of tea and who puts up with my endless rushing about and need to be constantly doing something, anything. Plus, he's awesomely talented too and put a fab cover song out this week, I am endlessly proud of him. (Check out the song right here).

3. My lovely mum and dad paying for a new tyre to go on my car and replace the, somewhat wobbly, old one. Honestly, I think the pothole that caused the damage could be given Grand Canyon status (although I believe it has now been filled in). My poor car (Pedro, yes, that's his name...Pedro II actually) has been limping about for way too long and now he'll be back to full tyre health once more.

4. Coaching sessions with the fantastic Gemma Sands. I mentioned in a couple of previous posts that I am working with Gemma on some ideas and I have now had two on-line chats with her to kick start me into getting my act together. You know what? It really helps to have someone there for you. I feel a bit like I waffle on at poor Gemma, who is probably popping Calms down the other end of the line for all I know (you're not are you Gemma?!). But seriously guys, if you hit a 'bump' in the road (another tyre reference!) and need some advice and guidance, an outside perspective is awesome. I have been like an inspired little machine since I spoke with Gemma. I think that blogging or working towards a business idea can sometimes seem really isolating, and you are often not sure whether what you are feeling is 'normal', that is why I am liking chatting with someone, it calms my brain down and makes me realise that feeling fear is okay!

5. The prospect of a long weekend. I totally forgot it was a Bank Holiday weekend until I was on my way to work on Tuesday and heard it on the radio. I actually squealed... out loud. I have quite a packed schedule ahead, including getting my mane cut (bye-bye split ends), hours of creativity and blog planning and cooking lunch for friends (currently nosing in my Deliciously Ella cook book for ideas). I can't wait, it'll be a good one.

Other things I have been loving this week include:
Lo's fab video showing how to make 'Overnight Oats', I was so excited about this that I immediately shared it on my Facebook Page (see what you are missing if you are not on there?!). What a fabulous idea these things are. I went to Waitrose on my way to work after I watched it (almost knocking their doors down to get in at 7.30am) to pick up some gluten free oats so I can make them tonight. In my excitement I forgot to get some apples though...back to the shops on my way home! / Wearing bright pink lipstick in the sunshine, my favourites being Mac's Impassioned and Revlon's ColourBurst Balm Stain in Lovesick / catching up with blog posts, including some from my lovely pal Ush (over at Fitness with U), I have also been laughing out loud to Michelle's posts, as normal, plus the comments she leaves in response to mine, love that woman.


  1. Seriously, I love our coaching sessions! (and there is no pooping of pills!). I love how determined you are to work on your plan and I can't wait to see it all unfold :)

    1. :-) Glad to hear the Calms are not out! I'm loving our sessions also and look forward to moving forward. Can't wait to sit down to the Inner Circle sessions later! Have a fab day x


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