20 May 2015


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I'm on a new, creative journey at the moment and, right at the start of it, I struggled to find things that made me 'spark'. I think creativity is something that you need to work on to keep the fire burning and, should you not do your creative activity for a long period of time, you can truly lose your way and forget how to let your mind wander and be totally free to think outside that bloody box that everyone constantly refers to!

I am writing this post as I am intrigued to hear from you lovely people, what things inspire you and get you back in your groove, creatively speaking I mean!

Let me share some of the things that I do and see how they compare.

:: Wander around garden centres. The variety of colours and textures on offer in a garden or garden centre are so wonderful and really get my inspiration flowing.

:: Go for a walk outside. Kind of similar to the above but being outdoors can rejuvenate the spirit and allow you to step outside your usual space. I find that when I am really stuck I find all sorts of distractions, none of which actually help me get past the block I am experiencing. Take yourself outside and clear your mind. The fresh air will help too!

:: Throw paint around! Obviously, if your creative outlet is writing, maybe a stream of consciousness writing exercise may be the equivalent. I like laying out a large piece of paper and chucking some water-colours down, making puddles of paint and adding things into the mix, such as water-soluble graphite. When I was studying for my fine art degree all the best things happened from mistakes or silly experimental moments.

:: Sit in a coffee shop with a notebook/sketchbook. People watching is fantastic inspiration. Sketch movement or write about what you see or snippets of conversation that catches your ear.

:: Sift through old magazines. As you can see from the right hand image above, my sketchbooks sit on a pile of pages, all torn from various magazines. I like getting inspired by colour combinations, fonts and textures.

:: Visit galleries. I haven't done this for way too long. My favourite galleries are the Tate Britain and The National Gallery, but small, independent ones are just as amazing. I like galleries as they often share, not just the finished picture, but words from the sketchbooks and notebooks of phenomenal artists. These are the things that inspire me the most, more than a finished work of art.

:: Browse a book store. The peace and quiet of a book shop is fabulous, but being able to flick through loads of different books always triggers ideas for me. Libraries are just as great but I don't often visit a library these days.

:: One word: Pinterest.

:: Talk to friends. Talking through ideas is so important. I love getting other peoples thoughts on things I can get so stuck in my ways sometimes. Whilst it can be hard to hear someone thinks your work is not quite there it is also very helpful to get new thoughts, especially when you have been staring at the same thing for hours!

:: Seek inspiration from others doing a similar thing. This is a tricky one. There is the obvious thing to mention here...copying. Don't. Then there is the thing that regularly happens to me...comparison based creative paralysis! I listened to a wonderful podcast series called 'Make It Happen' which mentions taking a step back from looking at other peoples work as you can stem your creative juices. I think this is a really valid argument. By not looking you are allowing yourself freedom, complete freedom to create what you want to create. But I believe it is also valid to stay in tune with what is going on. Balance may be the key word here!

So, there are a few things that I do to stay inspired (I am sure there are loads more!). Tell me in the comments what your favourite things are. What do you do when you need a creative boost?


  1. I love hearing about how other people get creative! I am with you on a number of these: going outside, bookshops and magazines are all ways that I can feel inspired. I also find that setting aside 10 minutes or so to just make notes and scribble ideas on a blank sheet of paper always sparks fresh enthusiasm. Great post Lucy! xx

    1. Notes and scribbles are great too, and I find spider diagrams strangely useful...and nice to look at :-) xx

  2. I've just started on a creative journey myself focusing on digital media so it's really interesting for me to hear about someone else's process as it can seem quite daunting in this beginning phase.

    Sam | Oh Hello

    1. Hi Sam! I started to write a response to your comment and got totally distracted on your blog (so pretty!). I really love hearing about peoples creative processes also. It is so interesting and inspiring! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog :-) xx


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