13 May 2015


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Now, I am really not known for actually writing product reviews on my blog. This is something I usually save for my YouTube channel (so I can have a really good ramble on), but in this instance I felt that the product in question deserved a whole post to itself. That is love people, a full post commitment.

My enabler, when it came to the purchase of this product, was my hair dresser. We were chatting, whilst I was having a quick trim a couple of Saturday's ago, and I mentioned I was in the market for a new cleanser and she pointed me in the direction of the Aveda Botanical Kinetics Purifying Creme Cleanser (not a short name then?!). I love getting recommendations from people as you normally get something you are pretty sure will be good and, my goodness, she hit the nail on the head with this one.

If you have ever been to an Aveda salon you will know it smells like heaven; all the products are simply gorgeous and make me instantly relax just by being in their presence (I'm not kidding guys!). This cleanser allows me to experience this feeling every morning and evening and is a real treat for my skin too.

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The 'creme' version of this product (you can also get a gel formulation) is perfect for a slightly dry to very dry skin (I have slightly dry cheeks and forehead at the moment and a light oil on my t-zone). It contains the ingredients jojoba, coconut, and palm meaning that your face feels clean, soft and supple after each use. It really is super-dreamy!

I use this as a second cleanse at night, after using my Body Shop Camomile Oil Cleanser as the first step to dissolve my make up. After watching the Caroline Hirons video on her favourite cleansers I am all for using something (slightly) cheaper to break down my make up and something higher in nutrients to feed my skin which, I feel this cleanser does.

The consistency is a lot more watery than most cream-based cleansers, but this certainly doesn't mean it packs less of a punch. What I am left with is super soft, very clean (happy) skin that has a lovely radiance to it. I honestly cannot wait to treat myself to other skincare products from Aveda!

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