31 May 2015


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This week I have had a whole week off (hooray!). It has been a really good week, although, if you watch the vlog you may beg to differ as it appears that I don't leave my little office room much. The thing is though guys, you occasionally like to watch a vlog, but just because I pick up a camera it doesn't mean I suddenly sprout an interesting existence! 

I have had a fair few things to do this week that involved me being creative, so I have been making a mess with paints, much like a toddler, in my room. To be honest though, I really enjoy those days! Anyway, I thought I would throw this vlog up as an added extra for you, should you be at a loose end today. Grab a cuppa and a biscuit and enjoy!

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  1. Hello Lucy, I can't remember how I stumbled across your fab instagram and blog but I now can't imagine life without it! I just wanted to say that you are very inspirational and it amazes me how many things you like, do, experience, things you've suffered or are suffering with etc that are similar to me. It is refreshing to watch your vlogs and please keep them coming. It seems the only thing so far I've found we don't have in common is that I am a HUGE dog lover and you have a cat! Also thank you so much for replying to my email recently. Keep up the good work and I hope you are feeling a bit better and less 'blah' :-) xx

    1. Hey lovely. Thank you SO much for such a lovely comment. I beg to differ on the dog verses cat thing :-) I always had dogs, for the whole of my life actually! But we have a cat now because of going off to work all day etc...I adore dogs, We always had rescue dogs. The last one was a gorgeous collie called Bob! I am so please you enjoyed the vlog. I guess it is not that interesting but it is real life!! I hope you are well. Did you have a nice weekend?xx


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