2 April 2015


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As you read this I am on my mini-moon (we are saving for a proper honeymoon at a later date!). Stay tuned to my blog for wedding updates (there will probably be some on my Facebook Page already). For now, let's sum up the wonderful month of March!

Making | lists upon list of things not to forget for our wedding day.
Cooking | lasagne for mum and dad (and buying a yummy lemon cheese-cake).
Drinking | lots of water to keep my skin as clear as possible that date.
Reading | no where near enough. This month has been the busiest ever and a result of that is that I still haven't finished Girl Boss. (*slaps self on wrist).
Wanting | all the shades of this amazing Max Factor blush...if you haven't tried it yet then you most definitely should!
Looking | for spring clothes before realising I actually can't spend any more money until way after we are married!
Playing | way too many hours of stupid games on my phone to turn my brain off in the evening.
Deciding | to sign up for an awesome 'Free to Flourish' community experience led by Gemma Sands of the fab blog Little Tiny Pieces. If you are looking to grow your blog or business and want to learn how to approach it from a different, more creative perspective you should jump across to Gemma's site, she's awesome!
Wishing | my stupid hair would hold a curl. Lame I know, but for my wedding I want loose curls and have honestly tried everything! Maybe a cement mixer is my best bet...
Enjoying | my last days as a 'singleton'. That sounds like I have been out every night behaving like a wild child doesn't it. You know what I mean!
Waiting | for my three weeks off! (they will already be here by the time you read this).
Liking | watching Gizmo playing in her new cat tunnel like a nutcase.
Wondering | what I have done to deserve such amazing friends. Everyone has been incredibly kind hearted and generous on the lead up to our wedding and I couldn't be more grateful.
Loving | wearing bright lips again!
Hoping | I get to spend more time at home soon.
Marvelling | over the eclipse. Some people just were not impressed but, being a space geek means that I am impressed by anything remotely...er, spacey ;-)
Needing | new pillows for our bed. Bloody things. We got an amazing voucher from my lovely work colleagues as a wedding pressie, which will buy us some more, among other things. Thanks you guys!
Smelling | mint shower gel.
Wearing | very over-sized jumpers and skinny jeans. A lot.
Following | my lovely friend Helena's wedding plans via the medium of text message updates!
Noticing | that spring smell is in the air.
Knowing | I will be a 'Mrs' very soon.
Thinking | about mini-eggs way too much!
Feeling | guilty about not giving my blog much time recently. It is wedding and work related stresses and strains I promise...in the words of Arnie 'I'll be back'!
Opening | an indulgent gift from my bestie... my skin will be forever grateful!
Giggling | at Hen night related 'things'.

I hope you all had a fantastic March. I am away until mid April but will be posting vlogs and posts where I can. If you want to see what we are up to in Cornwall then head on over to Instagram or Facebook!

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