29 April 2015


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^^ This gorgeous image is by Emily Quinton (mentioned below), sourced from her Pinterest page^^

Making | spring wardrobe purchases. I now have some basics again, mini mexican wave to me :-)
Cooking | spiralized vegetables and loving them! No bloating for me (was that over-sharing?!). 
Drinking | Juice Plus shakes everyday and feeling pretty good for it (so far anyway!).
Reading | nothing much this month...put it this way, I have over 700 unread Bloglovin' posts. Good heavens.
Wanting | a Bobbi Brown corrector to cover up my dark circles. That is a selfish 'want' I know.
Looking | at perfumes on-line. Turns out this is pretty pointless as I am only really looking at pretty bottles, but I have no perfume at all. Probably should go to an actual shop where I can sniff the fine scents of...whatever they put in there (can you tell I know zip about perfume?!).
Playing | Our wedding songs on Spotify a few dozen times. We had a small handful of songs playing in the background whilst we signed the register etc, including this one and this one too.
Deciding | what Ella Masters prints to buy, I think they'd make a fab addition to our home. My favourites are this Vincent Van Gogh quote and this pretty, floral quote too.
Wishing | I wasn't quite so highly strung all the time and could care slightly less about one or two minor things.
Enjoying | family movie night. By 'family' I mean Joe and I plus the cat on a lap (never mine, always Joes...his legs are longer and allow for more stretchy times!).
Waiting | for deliveries, always waiting for deliveries!
Liking | the feeling of positivity I have going on right now. 
Wondering | why I've never applied foundation on with a damp sponge before. It's as near as I'm gonna get to air-brushed people! Loving it. Going to treat myself to one of those beauty blender whatsits!  
Loving | choosing our wedding photos to print out <3
Hoping | by this time next year I will be in business...literally, even in a small way!
Marvelling | at how ruddy complicated Google Adsense is. Thanks Google, thanks a lot.
Needing | a FitBit. I really want one of those babies!
Smelling | fast food as I pull off the A303 on the way home. I hate fast food but when I am starving it smells good. Someone help me...I'm going over to the dark side. No calories in sniffing though right?
Wearing | my cheap as chips Tescos training leggings and my H & M (sale bargain) sweater. These leggings are so soft and have the best waist band ever invented, i.e.wide. I swear I am in danger of wearing nothing but these leggings forever more. Pair those with my new 'sale' jumper (as it will be forever known), which is super over-sized but I love it for that exact reason, and I have myself a party! I may resemble a bag-lady, but I am as happy as a pig in a flower bed wearing this 'outfit'. 
Following | Emily Quinton's amazing Instagram. She's all about the pretty pictures, I adore every picture she puts up because they just make me feel all gooey inside! (She has also just brought out a book which I am beyond desperate to buy. It is called 'Makers Spaces'...come on payday!).
Noticing | (whilst watering the garden) how much I have learnt about myself over the last few years and realising that, although I have a long way to go, I am stronger than I think. Getting deep whilst feeding those flowers ladies and gents!
Knowing | that, no matter what you do, there will always be some people who just don't want to know (even if you really, really wish they cared).
Thinking | about pizza. A lot.
Feeling | achy in my poor knuckles. Am I getting arthritis? (or 'Arthur' as my Dad says). So painful.
Opening | countless punnets of strawberries, seriously, there have been too may consumed to keep count this month (I'm starting to grow green leaves out the top of my head).
Giggling | at my own jokes, terrible ones. E.g. Student says to me: 'Miss, have you had a mouse handed in, I left one in the library and they said it was in reception now' Me 'We have one I think, how long is his tail? Has it eaten recently?'.
Kids face = mildy amused, but mostly wishing the ground would open up so he could either jump in or push me in.

How has April been for you? Pop some of your 'taking stock' highlights in the comments!

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