27 April 2015


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This may seem like a bit of a strange post for me as I only usually post a little about beauty, and that is usually make up. I rarely post about hair as, other than wearing it down, I am a bit rubbish with it. This is mostly down to the fact that my hair is super fine (although I have lots of it) and slippery and therefore it refuses to do anything I want. A stint on the naughty step is long overdue.

On the run up to our wedding day I was on a mission to try out various ways to wear my hair, as I was doing it myself, and must have tried handfuls of products to add texture, hold and shine, without drying my poor, over-worked mop out. To be totally honest, it wasn't until after the wedding that I figured out the right combination of products, but not many products would've held my unruly mane against sea spray and gusty winds! (See video below to find out more).

Recently I have also been pinning many styles to try out on my Happy Hair Pinterest board too, here are a few of my favourites:

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Images from Pinterest: 1. Gorgeous loose braid / 2. Effortless braid with messy low bun / 3. Boho curly-braided top-knot

1:: I am having a bit of a braid obsessed moment right now, maybe an early mid-life crisis? I have always thought of myself as a bit of a boho-loving girlie, which is why I am drawn to these loose braids, casually pinned back and pulled loose.

2:: I guess the first two are similar but I love how this one is also scraped back into a very messy, low bun; something I try to replicate in my video and have been wearing a whole lot since the weather warmed up a notch.

3:: I haven't tried this pretty style yet as I find it so hard to braid backwards with my own hair, but I think this is super cute.

I feel this is a good time to throw in what I have been doing with my hair of late. Below my video I have linked to other YouTube videos that I watched for inspiration and absolutely love! Check them out too! (Please click on through to my main video here to subscribe and leave any comments!).

The YouTube videos on hair style that I have been obsessed with of late are...

:: Ingrid Nilsen's '3 Cute & Easy Hairstyles for Medium Hair' - I have watched this video so many times because I love Ingrid but there are some sweet ideas here and they are so simple. I also like her 'Peek-A-Boo Mini Braid' video for its subtlety and low level of skill requirement! (suits me just fine!).

:: Now, this lovely lady I adore, she is so easy to watch and really funny and cute to boot (oooh, a rhyme!). I am talking about Alex, from the YouTube channel 'Beautyosauruslex' <3 I particularly liked her 'Favourite Braided Hairstyles' and 'Three Summer Braids' tutorials, but you should check her out general as her videos are awesome (and she has a cute little dog that is often laying in the background!)

:: Tina's video on 'Three Headband Braids' was one I watched a lot when trialling wedding styles also. She makes it look so easy!

:: Finally, I think Alix, from the blog and YouTube Channel 'I Covet Thee' looks fab with this little fishtail fringe braid. I am yet to try this but think it is really sweet.

If you haven't watched my video yet then why not click on there and listen to me waffle on about my top hairstyles (I use that word loosely!) and products I am enjoying right now.

Have a fab day guys :-)

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