19 April 2015


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Part Two of our jaunt to Cornwall is ready for your viewing pleasure! I had what felt like a million clips to look through and so many were me yelling over extremely loud wind high up on the coast somewhere, so many things had to be muted or cut completely! My apologies if you were hoping for a bit more detail but, as I mention in the video, it was our honeymoon so I didn't want to be constantly chatting on camera...it may have been the shortest marriage ever!

Some of the places we visit in this video have been vlogged by me before. If you are interested, you can find all my 'Cornwall Vlogs' (as well as a few others) on this YouTube playlist...check them out if you like :-)

I hope you enjoy this video, please subscribe to my YouTube Channel to keep up with all my uploads, of which there are quite a few (and not all get put on here!).


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