6 April 2015


Happy Easter Monday lovely peeps! As you have probably gathered (unless you have been hiding under a rock of late) I am away right now, having got married last Wednesday (check out my Facebook page to be brought smack-bang up to date). I am now a full blown married woman :-)

Because I haven't got a beauty video going up this morning I thought today would be the perfect day to put up a lovely guest post by an even lovelier blogger friend of mine, Kat,who is the pretty face behind the lifestyle, craft and beauty blog 'Laydey Katabella'. Kat kindly offered to step in and look after you guys whilst I was away and today is talking about a product that I love a little too much!

Why not follow Kat on Twitter, Pinterest and on her fab YouTube Channel also! So, it's over to Kat...

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Well hello everyone, Kat here from Laydey Katabella! I’m filling in for Lucy whilst she is off being a beautiful blushing bride. We've been blogging pals about a year and when she asked me to guest post I was super chuffed!

It seemed only fitting that I talk about The Body Shop Instablur today, as Lucy is the reason I bought it! She gave it such a high recommendation in a haul video that I couldn't resist. (She’s such an enabler this one ;-) ) 

Now, the Instablur states some pretty big claims:
-12 hr shine control
- Reduces appearance of pores
- Blemish hiding
- Complex unifying
- Make-up extending

After testing it out on every make-up occasion since I bought it I can confirm it genuinely does all of the above. I really cannot praise this primer enough.

 photo laydeykatabellapost2_zpsldtskw8d.png

12 hour shine control
I’ve inherited oily skin (thanks Mum and Dad) but the Instablur does an excellent job of mattifying the skin. It controls my shiny complexion really well but doesn’t eradicate it 100%, however in a 12 hour period I only have to powder once which is seriously good going!

Reduces appearance of pores
Like most people I have some open pores which try their best to say “hey” throughout the day, but Instablur reduces them dramatically, making make-up glide beautifully over the top of them.

Blemish hiding
It also helps to hide those pesky blemishes. Raised bumps appear reduced and the surface smooth, aiding in their camouflage under foundation and concealer. It’s also great for dry skins as the gel-like formula will blend smoothly over the top for an even finish.

Complex Unifying
Your complexion will look much more even when using this primer which I've found has led me to need less base, giving a beautiful natural look. Any fine lines will appear reduced and smooth too!

Make-up extending
This is probably my favourite claim because lets be honest, that’s what you want from a primer! With the oily mug and general life happening i.e. eating and the lark, I am forever finding my base sliding off my face but this primer keeps it all where it should be and is by far the best reason to buy this product.

At £14 I’d say it’s pretty damn reasonable and I’ll even say it’s as good as Clarins Beauty Flash Balm. Yup, I went there! So if you want a primer that’s value for money, keeping your make-up in place and makes your skin feel amazing- this is the one.

Thank you Lucy for having me guest post on your blog- it’s been a pleasure and I hope you have an amazing wedding day! 

That’s all from me lovelies, I hope you enjoyed!


  1. Lovely post, you may have me convinced there!


    1. Thanks for stopping by for a read! Honestly, this primer is awesome...so awesome I 'forced' Kat to buy it (then blog about it!!)... hope you come by here soon! (off to check out your blog now xx)


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