24 April 2015


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^^Our little tree has bloomed & it's so pretty!^^

After being back at work for one whole week I am officially have my smug Friday face on today. You tend to lose the enthusiasm for a Friday when you are on your holidays don't you; Monday is the new Friday when you are away! I hit the ground running this week and, by Tuesday afternoon, had managed to clear my email inbox at work...yep, there was a slight pile up of emails that needed answering. Despite one colleague advising me to 'just delete them all' I powered through! Go me!

All in all it has been a fab week, even though I got home from work yesterday afternoon, barely said two words to the hubby before collapsing into a heap on our bed for a two hour snooze. Not sure why I felt so worn out, not like me at all. Pesky school germs worming their way into my immune system maybe.

Let's get on to the highlights of my week! Here are the five things I am most grateful for...

1. Finally meeting up with the gorgeous H. The power of the tinterweb means that sometimes you can become friends with people who are fab! I can't remember how long ago it was (to be honest, I can't remember yesterday that well!) but H sent me an email in response to a post I put up on here and we became email buddies. After chatting, and realising that we are practically identical in most ways, we decided to meet up and size each other up. I mean, if you have a 'life twin' you really should make an effort! She's fab, our 'first date' was a good one (!) and we may even see each other again, there, I said it. 

2. My first Skype session with (another) fantastic lady. I have mentioned a few times that I have signed up to be part of the amazing 'Inner Circle' group with Gemma Sands, but on top of that I have been lucky enough to be offered some 1-2-1 coaching too (so exciting!). So, on Wednesday this week I had my first coaching session with Gemma. It is all done over Skype, which I really like as it is so easy and allows you to feel like you are sat in the same room as each other (which you kind of are really I guess!). The first session was a nice, relaxed 'getting to know you' kind of chat and I really enjoyed it. I felt anxious having to put myself out there, but I am a firm believer in taking myself out the dreaded comfort zone and felt good for doing it. If you fancy finding out a bot more about what Gemma does head to her business website or her lovely blog for more information.

3. Thursday night fajitas. As I may have mentioned, I am currently trying out Juice Plus (I'm still editing a little update vlog but not sure if I should put it up, it's not great!). I am also using the app My Fitness Pal again to track everything I am eating and doing (have you tried it?). We have fajitas as a semi treat meal but I just make sure that I am not having sour cream or too much cheese (I have a teeny, tiny sprinkle for taste!). After my two hour nap yesterday those fajitas were just what the doctor ordered let me tell you! Yum-central. Wow, my mouth is watering just thinking about them now...

4. Receiving a sweet email from a lovely reader, another H actually. I won't go into details as it was personal but what a lovely thing it is to know that some of my wafflings mean something to someone. Thank you H for getting in touch (not sure if you saw my response) - I appreciate hearing from you, it means a lot. xx

5. This wonderful new addition to my make up stash (like I needed it...I really didn't need it!). I gave in to all of the hype and grabbed myself a tube of the L'Oreal Infallible Matte Foundation (my shade is Vanilla, no:11). I am one of those annoying people who hear a lot about a product and then rebel against getting it...then get it anyway. For heavens sake, it was only £6.99, which I now know is a bargain as it is effing amazing. I have the original Infallible make up which is okay-ish (hence I wasn't in a rush to get the matte one). The one I already have is heavy, but this new one is amazing. It covers well, feels light-weight and stays put. What more do you need! If you have dry skin it may not suit, unless you hydrate well before application, but for the price point you can almost afford to give it a shot :-)

Other things I have been doing this week...
Trying (and kind of failing) to build a spring playlist on Spotify / Watching Ingrid Nilson's old New York vlogs whilst I get ready for work in the mornings, for inspiration about seizing the moment! / lusting after Mac lipsticks on-line / trying to decide what perfume I should buy now that I am completely out...I mean, totally / thinking about home-made pizza (a lot)

What have you guys been up to? Let me know in the comments (please link your blogs/YouTubes also, if you have them!).


  1. Hi Lucy Just catching up on your blog and decided its the best one I read you always put up such good things that are worth reading xoxo

    1. Hi honey, thank you so much (you don't know what that means to me). Let me tell you that I am a tad emotional today and this comment pushed me over the edge (in a nice way!) - that was such a sweet comment xxx


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