17 April 2015


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Why is it that Fridays zoom around when you are on a holiday from work, darn the speed of holiday time! I am sure it works differently, like being on the edge of a black hole and being back on Earth time-weirdness, you know? (Can you guess who's been watching 'Interstellar'? Yep, me!). Enough space/time strange talk, how are you guys? If you are reading this in the UK, have you been lapping up the summer-like weather we've been having? Isn't it lovely?! If you are not in the UK I would love you to comment below and tell me what country you are reading from, honestly, I would love to know!

I have been enjoying my last few days of holiday from work. These last three weeks have been truly awesome and have also flown by like mad! I go back to work on Monday a wife, which is fab, the sun is out, which is great and it is spring...woo-hoo! 

Here is what else I have been grateful for this week:

1. Getting home from our break in Cornwall and picking up our little Gizmo from her holiday at the 'Cat Hotel' (that is what it is called but I'm pretty sure she wouldn't agree with the holiday comment!). Because we adopted Gizmo last year we have no idea if she has spent time in a cattery at any point but this was the longest we have ever left her anywhere. She was pretty much back to normal around the house within a couple of hours, after checking that all the rooms were still there and all her bowls were present and correct! Bless her, we missed her so much!

2. Smoked beet-root. Yep, I am going there. Basically, this shredded, smoky goodness is the diet equivalent of chocolate digestives to me right now (I'd kill for tea and a BIG pile of biscuits today by the way... better go to the fridge and get me some beet-root!).

3. Spending an hour in the grounds of Salisbury Cathedral with L and J. We hit up Marks and Spencers food hall and armed with green juice, blueberries, strawberries and a couple of trashy magazine (sorry, this had to be done!) we set up temporary camp on the grass and watched the small girly run about in the sun for a while, stealing our berries and not caring a jot! (She also ended up looking a little like Anthony Hopkins in Silence of the Lambs with all that strawberry juice around her chops... somewhat eerie on a baby, on anyone actually!).

4. Finally completing a ma-hoo-sive spring clean in the house. This is one of the first things I did when we got back from Cornwall and it took all darn day, but boy did it feel good! I chucked away things that I have been hanging onto for ages and filed away stacks of paperwork. I'm telling you, if you feel head-cluttered, then just do a clear out, it's awesome!

5. Receiving the cutest wedding card from a very special person (in the prettiest envelope ever!). Thank you J, you are lovely! Not sure if you will see this but I hope you are doing good and I can't wait to see you soon.

I hope you all have an amazing weekend. 

PS: If you saw Part One of our little vlog from Cornwall then keep your eyes peeled for Part Two this weekend!

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