10 April 2015


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^^We had a fantastic day out at The Eden Project on Wednesday^^

What an amazing week this week has been! This week off has been long over-due and I cannot tell you how much it has been appreciated. Cornwall has been perfect; the sun has shone (can you believe it?!) and my skin has been collecting vitamin D in large amounts as we wandered about along little coastal paths and dipped toes in the sea. There have been days this week where I have felt like a child from an Enid Blyton book. As a child I remember reading about these lucky kids who got to scramble about in the school holidays, having adventures and eating treats... this week, it certainly came true!

Have you guys had any sunshine where you are this week? What has been the highlight for you? Let me know in the comments, let's chat!

Let me try and narrow the things I am grateful for down to just five things for you...

1. Hearing the rhythmical sound of the waves in the middle of the night (and nothing else). Let me tell you how amazing it is not to be able to hear a road and to have a pitch black room to sleep in; I could get used to it. Also, the bed in our apartment this week has been one of the most comfortable bed I have ever slept in. In-fact, we have been so at home here that we have been discussing whether or not we can claim squatters rights...thoughts?!?

2. Eating delicious food with amazing friends. Picture this: home cooked ham that falls apart with one touch of your fork, new potatoes in butter and home-made chocolate brownies with ice cream...heaven. Thank you so much to all you guys (you know who you are!) we had an amazing day.

3. Having a stunning coastal path (mostly) to ourselves. On Tuesday we got up early to walk the coastal path that runs between Sennen Cove and Lands End. The sun was shining and there was just enough cool breeze to keep us moving. We only saw a small handful of people, so got to take in the view on our own most of the way. This walk is one I have done many times but it never ceases to knock me off my feet. Looking out at sea and seeing the stunning Cornish landscape at its finest is beyond inspiring.

4. Star-gazing with my feet in a hot tub. Joe and I visited A and L on Wednesday night for a yummy dinner followed by trouser rolling and leg soaking in their little hot tub. It was chilly outside so we layered up and all had a mug of tea to cling on to, but it was such a lovely moment. You all know I'm a huge space geek, so this was practically a party for me!

5. Enjoying a beast of a Marks and Spencers lunch after a mammoth morning of walking up steep hills. We stopped by M and S in Hayle and picked up fresh salad, a wrap to share and the tastiest fresh bread ever! (I may have also picked up a packet of Percy Pig and friends - wow!).

There have been so many little things that I have enjoyed this week and I have been making the most of treats whilst I can (as I will be back on the super-healthy wagon on Sunday!). Thank you to the mint-choc ice cream, enjoyed over looking a beautiful beach, the fresh scones and cream we found in a gift pack in our apartment last Saturday, the chocolate we got from The Eden Project's gift shop which tasted like heaven and the gorgeous meal we had in The Boat Shed with A and L on Sunday. Treats like this week are so very rare, but very appreciated... although now, I must admit I am ready to go back to training and eating healthy again. Thank you Cornwall, you have made our honeymoon amazing! 


  1. Everything on this list sounds amazing! Number 2 may have made me salivate every so slightly - I am so ready for new potato season. So glad you had a lovely time, and it looked as though the weather was perfect! xx

    1. The weather was AMAZING and I ate WAY too much also! But you have to enjoy these moments don't you. We have just got home so it will be back on the wagon for me tomorrow. Do I have any food regrets...no! :-)
      Hope you are well lovely xx


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