3 April 2015


Prepare yourself for a wedding heavy post (sorry if this is annoying but how can I not write about it?!). With work finishing on Friday last week Joe and I packed our bags for our wedding day and set off for Cornwall on Tuesday morning. I can list way more than five things I am grateful for this week, but let's save some things for future blog posts!

 photo BohoCornwall_zps4w9evi4d.png
^^ The view from our apartment at the wedding venue was pretty special^^

This week I am grateful for...

1. Receiving the sweetest gifts ever from my husband to be on the night before our wedding. Joe had put together a lovely book of memories for me and gave me, not one, but two pairs of beautiful earrings by my favourite Cornish artist, Kurt Jackson. But the gift to top all gifts was a card containing instructions to log on to an email address that I had never heard of. When I opened the email account it was full of amazing notes, memories and pictures written by Joe, for me to read on our wedding day. I may have cried...a lot!

2. The gale that was blowing outside our window all but disappearing on our big day. The terrible weather just cleared in time and we even saw some sunshine. As we arrived back to the apartment from the photo-shoot outdoors the weather closed in again, but it was like it put everything on pause, just for us.

3. Amazing hospitality from our hosts at Boho Cornwall, Tom and Maya, and a fab few hours with a really talented photographer, Adam Gibbard (I will share some of our pictures when we have them). I honestly had zero nerves when we arrived and even the day itself felt so relaxed. Tom, Maya and Adam just had everything under control so all we had to do was be there and enjoy the moments. Again, I will be sharing more in-depth wedding day stories, so watch this space if you are interested in that!

4. A beautiful bouquet of flowers from The Cornish Cutting Garden. We collected it on our way through to St Just and I was over the moon with it. I had no idea what I was going to get, but honestly, the end result was perfect. Clare, who runs the company, greeted us in the little studio where she grows all the flowers and creatively puts them all together, and she was incredibly lovely. The view from there...wow, there are no words. 

5. I'm saving this one until last as they are mainly responsible for getting us here this week. A huge thank you to my mum and dad for all their help with the logistics of the wedding. I know they would have loved to have been here with us but we are forever grateful for their support and big help with getting it all booked and put together, love you lots (xx).

Random other things that have made this week amazing: beyond fabulous, hand-made chocolate truffles in our apartment at Boho Cornwall, hands down the most melt-in-the-mouth treats ever / The White Company toiletries in St Michaels Bed and Breakfast - the scent of that stuff is perfection in a bottle. Actually, whilst I mention the B and B... the breakfasts, oh.my...heaven on a plate / All the lovely comments and 'congratulations' messages from you guys, friends and colleagues...you have no idea what that meant to us both / Watching the sunset from our special spot on Marazion beach right where Joe asked me to marry him...beautiful moments like that are what make life worth living.

I hope you have all had a lovely week. I will be putting up a vlog really soon so keep your eyes peeled on my YouTube Channel!


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  1. This sounds like a wonderful week to be grateful, so many lovely things! Congrats once again hunny. Enjoy yourself! xx


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