29 March 2015


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Happy Sunday evening everyone! (Yep, this post is day's late!) How are you all?

This is (hopefully) the last week that this blog will be featuring tumble weed drifting over the pages. I have been unforgivably AWOL. This week involved an 18 hour day at work as the school I work for were competing in a dance competition, so we all hoofed it down to Portsmouth at silly o'clock in the morning, returning during the early hours of the following morning as winners! Hurrah! Go team! 

Next week brings with it a day I have been waiting for... our wedding day. I cannot believe it is here and I am so excited. I think nerves will kick in when we leave for the venue on Tuesday. I can assure you that I will be posting more next week as I am not at work from Monday and will have time to sit back and contemplate other things again...that includes you lovely people too.

Anyway, let's get on to today's 'Five Things I am Grateful For...'

1. Amazingly kind and thoughtful work colleagues. I honestly work with some of the loveliest people ever. They look after me when I am feeling stressed, ease my mind when I am feeling worried and throw me a party when I am getting married. I am forever grateful to have these guys around and they make work incredibly wonderful, even when the day turns into one of those days. (Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to all of you xoxo).

2. Thoughtful gifts and beautiful words. As part of my Hen Do with work, the lovely Claire organised everyone to bring something with them in a little egg-shaped hen she provided. Whilst some were darn filthy (you know who you are!), others were filled with heart felt words and hand-made gifts that made me so emotional. We also received the most amazing, personalised cushion which I am in love with (thank you Alix). People really thought of everything, I am so grateful.

3. (Last wedding related one I promise!). My mum and dad bought me a little keep-sake for the big day, a lovely little pin to attached to my bouquet or under my dress somewhere. It has everything on it to represent the something old, new, borrowed and blue tradition and I love it. Now I am officially set to go! Thanks mum! xx

4. Mid week chewy 'Woodland Friends' sweets from Waitrose. They were really needed at about hour 15 into the 18 hour day. I wasn't feeling very well and was desperate for sugar! 

5. A four hour 'power nap', yep four hours! On Saturday, after a ridiculous week and barely any sleep on Friday night, I drove home and pretty much crawled straight into bed. Joe and Gizmo were next to me and we had a rather lovely family nap. We are pensioners!

I hope you have all had a great weekend. We are off to Cornwall for the wedding on Tuesday so I will be posting some bits and bobs this week. Apologies in advance for lots of wedding related posts but I really want to document it for us and I would love it if you guys shared it too.


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