20 March 2015


Happy Friday everyone! Are we all going to be watching the solar eclipse this morning? (I'm a space geek remember, so obviously I will!). As we speak we are awaiting the arrival of a wonderful man (actually, he may not be wonderful, I'll keep you posted) who will be bringing us the joy of super-duper speed broadband! Can I have a collective applause? Hopefully this will mean that my YouTube video's won't take what seems like 3 days to upload! 

How has your week been? Every week on the lead up to our wedding just seems to be getting more and more busy at work as I try to round everything up before three weeks off (hence the blogging absence... I will get better, I am really sorry guys, but if I can't use the wedding as an excuse, then what can I do?!).

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Here's what I am grateful for this week...

1. Wiltshire scenery. I know it probably sounds a little lame, but I drove home last night feeling really tired and stressed out but as soon as I drove over the hill that leads up to where I turn off on the A303 and took in the amazing wide-screen view I felt instantly more at ease. It is so darn beautiful round here.

2. The yummy mid-week treat of a couple of Cadbury's Dairy Milk mini eggs. Some times it is just totally necessary. 

3. Sitting with Joe to make our what-not-to-forget-to-take-on-our-wedding-trip list! Because we are getting married several hours away I have been so terrified of forgetting something really major, like the rings, or the shoes or whatever! But we seem to have that covered now, thanks to Joe's amazing list-making skills! (He drew little tick-boxes and everything!).

4. Re-discovering 3 Doors Down on an old playlist. I used to listen to them all the time and this week have been repeatedly playing the songs 'It's Not My Time' and 'Here Without You'...so good :-)

5. Perfectly timed emails. Yesterday, just as I was feeling utterly de-motivated, I received an email about a six month project by Gemma (from the wonderful site Little Tiny Pieces) all about building on a blog or business idea and developing your creativity and mind (I've probably butchered her intended synopsis trying to explain what it is about, but for more information click here!). I clearly have a blog (doh!) and really want to develop it more, but I also have had a mini-business idea simmering away for well over a year and need a kick up the back-side with that. I'm all signed up so bring it on Gemma, can't wait!

I asked Joe what he was grateful for this week and these are the answers I received, after much 'umming' and 'erring': E45 cream / The Inbetweeners (for, and I quote, 'providing bountiful entertainment') and...wait for it...our house. When I asked why, he answered 'because it's nice', bless!

Let me know what the number one thing is that you are grateful for this week, maybe ask your other half too, come on, don't be shy, it's entertaining :-)

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