13 March 2015


Oh my goodness guys, just how is it Friday already? I'm not complaining, trust me, but I have, like, one million things to get sorted for our big day and am working tomorrow and have no time...arggghhhh! I find myself attempting hair styles suitable for my wedding day really late at night when I am staying at mum and dads house and have nothing better to do. Have I decided yet...nope!

Have you all had a lovely week? I hope so. Isn't it wonderful to see the sunshine popping it's little head out more and more? I am loving that I must say!

 photo fivethings13thmarch2015_zpsqu7o6xso.png
^^Pictures from last weekend in Salisbury...look how pretty!^^
Here what has made me the most grateful this week:
1. This week I received an absolutely wonderful parcel from my lovely friend Helena. She made Joe and I a gorgeous wedding present and sent two fab cards too, one of which we have to save until our wedding day! Thank you lovely lady xx
2. Last weekend Joe and I had a lovely couple of hours in Salisbury, sorting out a couple of last minute wedding bits and strolling around the grounds of the cathedral. It was amazing to see all the spring flowers and hear the birds singing whilst we walked about, it was so refreshing. (Sharing a caramel slice in a cafe wasn't too bad either!). 
3. Nutella and hot water bottles. Yesterday I spent working from home feeling mighty poorly. I have zero idea why I have been feeling so bad but hey, there you go. I snuggled up on the sofa, with my laptop, a hot water bottle, the cat and some nutella on toast (a cure-all combination fyi).
4. Little notes from my husband to be. When I crawled out of bed yesterday morning to start work I found a sweet 'I love you' message on the kitchen side. Those things mean the whole world.
5. My new Zara jeans. I recently chucked a couple of pairs away after they developed worn out 'area's'! I ordered some new ones and they pitched up the very next day, hurrah to Zara shipping.
I have also been: listening to Anna's 'throw-back' playlist on Spotify / watching Ingrid's fab 'Five Minute February' round-up and streaming episode after episode of The Inbetweeners on Netflix (sometimes it is just needed!).

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