6 March 2015


I bow my head in shame for my absence. Please forgive me! I have a note from my mum, honest! On a serious note, this week has been insane. As you guys know, I am working full time and attempting to get organised for a wedding which is right around the corner! Despite going AWOL from my little internet space this week I have been jotting down the things that have made this week a good one...

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This week I am grateful for...

1. Lighter mornings and evenings. Thank heavens the sun has started peeping its head above the horizon a little earlier that normal. This means that when I head out the door for work at 6.30am I am feeling a lot more 'with it' and ready to start the day! It is also much nicer to drive home in the light too - it just makes my little brain feel more relaxed!

2. Being greeted by a very happy cat on my return home on Thursday. Gizmo came running up to my car door with a spring in her step yesterday and rubbed herself all around my legs, purring and brring! I love that little fluff ball so much and seeing her as soon as I get home means everything after a long day at work.

3. Mid week Mexican food. I'll be honest, it wasn't our healthiest moment, but it was up there as one of the yummiest at-home-Mexican-kits-thingys! There is something about a little 'hump-day' treat (that's a Wednesday treat, nothing rude!) that just makes everything better!

4. Finally finding my wedding shoes! Hurrah! (Although I had to return them for a smaller size...grr!).

5. Perfect packages from MAC. I got a voucher from Joe for my birthday which meant I could go nuts on the MAC website and order myself my first MAC lipsticks. I will certainly be talking about these purchases on my YouTube Channel soon! I love them so much!

I hope you guys are well. I promise to be better next week and am sorry for neglecting you this week. Let me know how you all are xoxo

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