29 March 2015


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^^Best not to ask any questions about this photo really!^^

Happy Sunday evening everyone! (Yep, this post is day's late!) How are you all?

This is (hopefully) the last week that this blog will be featuring tumble weed drifting over the pages. I have been unforgivably AWOL. This week involved an 18 hour day at work as the school I work for were competing in a dance competition, so we all hoofed it down to Portsmouth at silly o'clock in the morning, returning during the early hours of the following morning as winners! Hurrah! Go team! 

Next week brings with it a day I have been waiting for... our wedding day. I cannot believe it is here and I am so excited. I think nerves will kick in when we leave for the venue on Tuesday. I can assure you that I will be posting more next week as I am not at work from Monday and will have time to sit back and contemplate other things again...that includes you lovely people too.

Anyway, let's get on to today's 'Five Things I am Grateful For...'

1. Amazingly kind and thoughtful work colleagues. I honestly work with some of the loveliest people ever. They look after me when I am feeling stressed, ease my mind when I am feeling worried and throw me a party when I am getting married. I am forever grateful to have these guys around and they make work incredibly wonderful, even when the day turns into one of those days. (Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to all of you xoxo).

2. Thoughtful gifts and beautiful words. As part of my Hen Do with work, the lovely Claire organised everyone to bring something with them in a little egg-shaped hen she provided. Whilst some were darn filthy (you know who you are!), others were filled with heart felt words and hand-made gifts that made me so emotional. We also received the most amazing, personalised cushion which I am in love with (thank you Alix). People really thought of everything, I am so grateful.

3. (Last wedding related one I promise!). My mum and dad bought me a little keep-sake for the big day, a lovely little pin to attached to my bouquet or under my dress somewhere. It has everything on it to represent the something old, new, borrowed and blue tradition and I love it. Now I am officially set to go! Thanks mum! xx

4. Mid week chewy 'Woodland Friends' sweets from Waitrose. They were really needed at about hour 15 into the 18 hour day. I wasn't feeling very well and was desperate for sugar! 

5. A four hour 'power nap', yep four hours! On Saturday, after a ridiculous week and barely any sleep on Friday night, I drove home and pretty much crawled straight into bed. Joe and Gizmo were next to me and we had a rather lovely family nap. We are pensioners!

I hope you have all had a great weekend. We are off to Cornwall for the wedding on Tuesday so I will be posting some bits and bobs this week. Apologies in advance for lots of wedding related posts but I really want to document it for us and I would love it if you guys shared it too.


23 March 2015


Happy new week everyone! I am not going to lie to you, I am kind of (beyond) worn out right now. Joe and I get married next Wednesday and all other things seem to have taken a back seat. That said, I did muster up the energy to film a little Get Ready With Me video yesterday and that is what I have for you today.

The sun was shining brightly yesterday morning and it felt good to feel the warmth of the sun (albeit a little on the chillier side of warm!). The cat was happily sun-bathing on the patio or asleep in her little out-door box (hooray, finally!) and the daffodils in the house just reminded me that it is now officially spring time. That makes me ever so content inside.

So, I took all that fresh, sun-produced inspiration and put my make up on, just for you...I know, I know, you are such a lucky bunch! I did save you the honour of seeing a totally bare-face and put my base on before I hit the 'record' button, so cheers to that!

If you like my video's please head on over to my main YouTube Channel and click on the little button that says 'Subscribe', call it a wedding present from you to me, go on, you know you want to!

Joking aside guys, I hope you enjoy the video, see you all soon xoxo


20 March 2015


Happy Friday everyone! Are we all going to be watching the solar eclipse this morning? (I'm a space geek remember, so obviously I will!). As we speak we are awaiting the arrival of a wonderful man (actually, he may not be wonderful, I'll keep you posted) who will be bringing us the joy of super-duper speed broadband! Can I have a collective applause? Hopefully this will mean that my YouTube video's won't take what seems like 3 days to upload! 

How has your week been? Every week on the lead up to our wedding just seems to be getting more and more busy at work as I try to round everything up before three weeks off (hence the blogging absence... I will get better, I am really sorry guys, but if I can't use the wedding as an excuse, then what can I do?!).

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{Image from Pinterest}

Here's what I am grateful for this week...

1. Wiltshire scenery. I know it probably sounds a little lame, but I drove home last night feeling really tired and stressed out but as soon as I drove over the hill that leads up to where I turn off on the A303 and took in the amazing wide-screen view I felt instantly more at ease. It is so darn beautiful round here.

2. The yummy mid-week treat of a couple of Cadbury's Dairy Milk mini eggs. Some times it is just totally necessary. 

3. Sitting with Joe to make our what-not-to-forget-to-take-on-our-wedding-trip list! Because we are getting married several hours away I have been so terrified of forgetting something really major, like the rings, or the shoes or whatever! But we seem to have that covered now, thanks to Joe's amazing list-making skills! (He drew little tick-boxes and everything!).

4. Re-discovering 3 Doors Down on an old playlist. I used to listen to them all the time and this week have been repeatedly playing the songs 'It's Not My Time' and 'Here Without You'...so good :-)

5. Perfectly timed emails. Yesterday, just as I was feeling utterly de-motivated, I received an email about a six month project by Gemma (from the wonderful site Little Tiny Pieces) all about building on a blog or business idea and developing your creativity and mind (I've probably butchered her intended synopsis trying to explain what it is about, but for more information click here!). I clearly have a blog (doh!) and really want to develop it more, but I also have had a mini-business idea simmering away for well over a year and need a kick up the back-side with that. I'm all signed up so bring it on Gemma, can't wait!

I asked Joe what he was grateful for this week and these are the answers I received, after much 'umming' and 'erring': E45 cream / The Inbetweeners (for, and I quote, 'providing bountiful entertainment') and...wait for it...our house. When I asked why, he answered 'because it's nice', bless!

Let me know what the number one thing is that you are grateful for this week, maybe ask your other half too, come on, don't be shy, it's entertaining :-)

16 March 2015


Better late than never with showing you some of my birthday gifts hey?! I have also thrown in a few odds and ends I have bought recently!

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I got lots of lovely things for my birthday and was thoroughly spoilt (thank you so much everyone!). Some things I got were eaten in seconds or unfortunately died (flowers, not animals, panic ye not!). This video features some of my favourite things plus a bit of a Boots haul, because, well, why not eh?! To be honest I have been spending a little more than usual of late but I feel like getting married is a good excuse. Where most people spend hundreds of pounds on cakes or make up artists and hair dressers I am doing it all myself (and not having any cake) so I think it is only fair! 
I hope you enjoy the video, if you do please head over to my main channel to subscribe so that any little extra videos (because occasionally there are some that don't get put here) pop up in your feed and you don't miss a thing!


13 March 2015


Oh my goodness guys, just how is it Friday already? I'm not complaining, trust me, but I have, like, one million things to get sorted for our big day and am working tomorrow and have no time...arggghhhh! I find myself attempting hair styles suitable for my wedding day really late at night when I am staying at mum and dads house and have nothing better to do. Have I decided yet...nope!

Have you all had a lovely week? I hope so. Isn't it wonderful to see the sunshine popping it's little head out more and more? I am loving that I must say!

 photo fivethings13thmarch2015_zpsqu7o6xso.png
^^Pictures from last weekend in Salisbury...look how pretty!^^
Here what has made me the most grateful this week:
1. This week I received an absolutely wonderful parcel from my lovely friend Helena. She made Joe and I a gorgeous wedding present and sent two fab cards too, one of which we have to save until our wedding day! Thank you lovely lady xx
2. Last weekend Joe and I had a lovely couple of hours in Salisbury, sorting out a couple of last minute wedding bits and strolling around the grounds of the cathedral. It was amazing to see all the spring flowers and hear the birds singing whilst we walked about, it was so refreshing. (Sharing a caramel slice in a cafe wasn't too bad either!). 
3. Nutella and hot water bottles. Yesterday I spent working from home feeling mighty poorly. I have zero idea why I have been feeling so bad but hey, there you go. I snuggled up on the sofa, with my laptop, a hot water bottle, the cat and some nutella on toast (a cure-all combination fyi).
4. Little notes from my husband to be. When I crawled out of bed yesterday morning to start work I found a sweet 'I love you' message on the kitchen side. Those things mean the whole world.
5. My new Zara jeans. I recently chucked a couple of pairs away after they developed worn out 'area's'! I ordered some new ones and they pitched up the very next day, hurrah to Zara shipping.
I have also been: listening to Anna's 'throw-back' playlist on Spotify / watching Ingrid's fab 'Five Minute February' round-up and streaming episode after episode of The Inbetweeners on Netflix (sometimes it is just needed!).

12 March 2015


With our wedding coming up I have been mostly buying things that I want for our wedding day or the little break we are having afterwards, I really haven't had much focus on spring time at all. I have been making a little mental list recently of things I need to get for the warmer weather (who am I kidding, it's a big list!) and thought I would share some of my favourites with you guys.

 photo springwishlist2015_zpsyvaoouow.png

1:: Superfacialist Vitamin C+ Cleansing Oil from Boots - I have heard so many good things about this cleansing oil. The price point sits between high-street and high-end and many a beauty blogger has this listed as one of their top oils. I really want to give it a go as I love most other things I have tried from the brand.

2:: Origins GinZing Energy Boosting Moisturiser from Boots - a classic that I still haven't tried out yet and really want to!

3:: Face Form Contour Kit in Light from Sleek - I would like to try this palette as I have swatched the contour shade and think it would be perfect, not too orange, plus, this set comes with a highlight and blush, always handy!

4:: Eye Corrector by Bobbi Brown - a few people have mentioned this product as one of their must haves and I would like to see what all the hype is about!

5:: Real Techniques Bold Metals Contour Brush from Boots - I am in need of a new contour brush and this one looks so perfect and soft.

6:: Lady Danger Lipstick from Mac - this colour just has my name written all over it!

7:: Essie Nail Polish in Lacquered Up from Boots - ditto the above comment!

8:: Long-Line Shirt from Autograph at Marks & Spencer - right now I am all about skinny jeans and long line, loose-fitting tops. This would be so perfect for spring.

9:: Pure Linen Top from Autograph at Marks & Spencer - I saw this t-shirt in store this week and thought the quality was amazing, a real classic white t-shirt is a must.

10:: Navy Converse from Office - I have wanted some navy converse for ages. I have a bright red pair which are so comfy but would love a more practical, wear-with-anything colour like the navy ones.

Have you been thinking of sprucing up your wardrobe or skin-care for spring? What is on the top of your list? Let me know in the comments.

9 March 2015


 photo fromlucywithloveMarchBirchBoxa_zpsdzensatd.png

Not only did I neglect my blog last week but I also neglected my YouTube channel (*insert appropriate feel-sorry-for-me-puppy-eyes here). But, have no fear lovely people, I am back! This weekend I went all-out and filmed two whole videos so that I have zero excuses next weekend when I am working again!

Today I have just a short video for you where I get a little bit grouchy about my March Birch Box! I won't spoil it, you will have to watch it to see what I mean :-)

I hope you all have a fabulous week xoxo


6 March 2015


I bow my head in shame for my absence. Please forgive me! I have a note from my mum, honest! On a serious note, this week has been insane. As you guys know, I am working full time and attempting to get organised for a wedding which is right around the corner! Despite going AWOL from my little internet space this week I have been jotting down the things that have made this week a good one...

 photo fromlucywithlove_zps9cjmsuw3.png

This week I am grateful for...

1. Lighter mornings and evenings. Thank heavens the sun has started peeping its head above the horizon a little earlier that normal. This means that when I head out the door for work at 6.30am I am feeling a lot more 'with it' and ready to start the day! It is also much nicer to drive home in the light too - it just makes my little brain feel more relaxed!

2. Being greeted by a very happy cat on my return home on Thursday. Gizmo came running up to my car door with a spring in her step yesterday and rubbed herself all around my legs, purring and brring! I love that little fluff ball so much and seeing her as soon as I get home means everything after a long day at work.

3. Mid week Mexican food. I'll be honest, it wasn't our healthiest moment, but it was up there as one of the yummiest at-home-Mexican-kits-thingys! There is something about a little 'hump-day' treat (that's a Wednesday treat, nothing rude!) that just makes everything better!

4. Finally finding my wedding shoes! Hurrah! (Although I had to return them for a smaller size...grr!).

5. Perfect packages from MAC. I got a voucher from Joe for my birthday which meant I could go nuts on the MAC website and order myself my first MAC lipsticks. I will certainly be talking about these purchases on my YouTube Channel soon! I love them so much!

I hope you guys are well. I promise to be better next week and am sorry for neglecting you this week. Let me know how you all are xoxo
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