3 February 2015


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Whilst chatting with someone about my upcoming nuptials at work the other day, I found myself saying, for about the hundredth time recently, '...I'm not really a typical girl...'. This conversation got me thinking about all the other times I have said that sentence and ended up coming away from a conversation thinking that I must be missing out on something by not conforming to a certain female stereotype. To be honest, that particular thought probably only hung about for all of five minutes before I thought 'sod it, I am who I am' and then carried on with life.

Sometimes I find myself trying to overly justify my thoughts or opinions on life's expectations, you know, the things we are all supposed to do. For example:

:: I probably won't ever want to have a baby, but love my friends children with all my heart. I am knocking on the door to my mid-thirties people, I really do know what I want with my life and I have my reasons (and for this there are many, and maybe not what immediately springs into your mind). However, this does not equal abnormality or mean that I despise children, it just means that it is my choice...gasp! In reality I adore the little people, they are the cutest, most wildly unpredictable (let alone hysterical!) mites about, so there!

:: I have never dreamed of a big wedding. To be utterly transparent, I have almost never dreamed of getting married full-stop. Most girls are surprised at that, but I never really saw myself as the marrying kind. This was mainly down to the fact that I don't want children and I kind of always connected the two things, but when I met Joe, and so many of our thoughts aligned, I did change my mind on the marriage thing, which was handy because he proposed to me :-)

:: I am literally the worst at putting outfits together. I have zero clue. Zilch, zip! I am much more at home in workout gear (aka hoodies and capri's). Honestly, I wouldn't have a thing to put on right now if we were suddenly invited out for a meal. Maybe it comes down to the fact that I'm not a huge fan of shopping for clothes. I find shopping so stressful; the crowds, the changing rooms and everything else that comes along with it. I'd rather shop from the comfort of my sofa and try things on in the privacy of my bedroom (where I can get away with spontaneously bursting into tears and where I do not have ten billion mirrors and harsh lighting!)

:: I love DIY. Decorating, getting covered in splatters of paint and trailing bits of torn masking tape about the place on my sock makes me very happy indeed. I am proud that I can take a Kermit-the-frog-green room (one of the bedrooms in our current house when we moved in) and transform it into a nicely decorated space, gloss paint included!

;: Being strong is something I am also proud of, and I am talking physically here. I never, ever want to be a woman that has to ask a guy to lift something for me or help me undo a lid. It's not because I am some staunch feminist, it's just I am fiercely independent (and somewhat stubborn, okay, very stubborn). I am by no means knocking anyone who is not this way either, it's just my preference. I like to know how to do things for myself and, where possible, always try my (stubborn) best before asking for help.

How about you? Are there things about your personality that make your friends or family role their eyes? It can't just be me! (can it?!).


  1. I love this. Also being in my mid 30s I'm over people putting their societal expectations on my life. Like you said we are who we are. At the end of the day it's our lives we have to live and we know best how to live them.

    1. Exactly Lisa. I have so many people say to me 'when are you going to have children?', 'why aren't you married yet?', 'you have to be a parent, you'll regret it'... we are never going to know if we will regret something or not, but surely it has to be worse to do something because you feel pushed into it, rather than doing something because you really want to in your heart.

  2. I don't know how I missed this post up until now! I love this, I've recently just hit my thirties and I have spent the last couple of years figuring out that's ok to live life how I want. Not how 'society' thinks I should. Thanks for sharing! :)

    1. Thanks Gemma - I was nervous to put it out there but figured I am who I am! I think there are more women feeling like this then I thought! I am 34 in a couple of weeks and I think by the time you hit your 30's you are more likely to have things figured out and be less changeable then when you were in your 20's (in my opinion anyway!) Thanks for reading :-) x


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