8 February 2015


Last week I felt the urge to do a little vlogging. I don't normally carry my camera about with me during the week. To be honest, most weeks are the same, but a few of you guys asked if I would do a little vlog, so here we go!

Monday to Friday are pretty mundane in our house really, but if you are as nosy as me you may find it interesting. My days, as you will soon see, are mostly made up of work and training (not to forget blogging and editing too, just for good measure!) as well as commuting back and forth, crossing the borders of Wiltshire, Hampshire and Surrey several times a week.

If you like watching my videos I would love it if you subscribed to my YouTube Channel; this way you will receive all the new videos straight to your feed and never miss anything, as I don't always write a blog post about the videos I post :-)



  1. Two months til wedding??? Eeeeep! How very exciting indeed.
    And 9 insanities in 11 days is completely and utterly nuts! I was out of action for nearly a week after my first one...
    And Gizmo is just the most adorable.
    Really enjoyed this ladycakes.
    M x

    1. Yo! (er, yep, bring back 'yo'!). I know, according to a certain white-board in a friends office at work today it is 7 weeks and 2 days - they are either on a countdown to get rid of me out of the building for a while or they are excited too! I'll wave to you as Joe and I pass through your county on our way to Cornwall! Eek! The Insanity ratio is now at 12 days out of 14 but I took a forced rest day today as my poor back aches...shocked?! I hope you are well my lovely :-) xx


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