19 February 2015


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The lovely ladies in the finance department at work have a 'days until Lucy's wedding' countdown going on. It is written in big letters on their white-board and they update it daily, bless them. Seeing that every day is bringing home just how close it is now...less than six weeks in-fact! 

I feel so unorganised right now and, as I told my lovely friend Helena via email just moments ago, I need a kick up the back-side! I have so much more to think about that I feel a little overwhelmed! I haven't found shoes yet, and, despite this recent blog post, I haven't experimented enough with my hair to find something I actually want to do with it. Then there's the make-up, although I am the least worried about that.

The thing is, unlike the vast majority of brides to be, I will be doing everything myself on the day. This is because Joe and I have decided, after many, many months of talking and thinking it through, that we are going to go and marry by ourselves. This is a controversial decision, but something that more and more people are deciding to do these days. I will talk more about where and how this all works after our big day so I can show you some images too!

Recently, I have found myself thinking about things to do with weddings that I swore I would never consider (not being much of a 'bride-y' person!). Do I go with the whole 'something old, something new...' thing? I am not superstitious in any way, but it is a kind of tradition right? What present can I get my husband to be for our wedding day? Joe is so hard to buy for. He never asks for anything and is certainly not a cuff-links person (something that everyone keeps saying is the thing to get). I am totally stuck with this... any suggestions are totally welcome!

So, lovely readers, it's over to you - any top-tips? Any advice for the day? Help!


  1. That's so exciting!! And great that you've chosen to do it exactly as you want to. I think that means you can get away with any and everything you want for the day doesn't it? The old, new, borrowed, blue thing might be a nice way of incorporating some of the outside world in your day (if you want that!) And as for presents I gave C a memory jar for us to fill together. All together now - bleurgh! But it was kind of sweet!
    M x

    1. It is exciting! Your idea was very sweet! If you can't do cheesy on your wedding day when can you hey! I hope you are well lovely xx

  2. Erm...is it really bad that I didn't give the other half a present on our wedding day? Although having said that, I did excel myself a year later for our 1st wedding anniversary (which is paper) by making him a huge photoframe collage of all the things in our life up to then. I even did it the old fashioned way with photos printed at home and some pritt stick. What I did must've worked though as we're celebrating our 8th this year! :-) xx

    1. That sounds awesome! I think you peaked there! I have a few things up my sleeves for the wedding but nothing big (or, thankfully, expensive!) xx


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