4 February 2015


When New Year hit I decided I wanted to document a little more lifestyle/well-being on my YouTube Channel, so I started a new series, which I titled 'Healthy Happy Life' (i.e. I am not limiting myself to one specific subject, phew!).

At the weekend I put up part three of this series on my YouTube Channel as a bit of an update on how things have been through the first couple of weeks of January and places I have been reaching for some inspiration too!

I am putting up another part of this series this weekend coming where I talk about mental health, a difficult one for me to film but one I really wanted to put out there, so stay tuned to my blog and channel if this is something you may be interested in watching.


PS: Come and say 'Hello' over on Instagram (I hang out on there way too much!) and Tweet me your videos, if you make them, I'm always after new channels to watch and blogs to read.


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