23 February 2015


Recently, I have bought one or two new make up items as little treats to myself for my wedding day make up. Justification for these purchases has usually gone as follows in my mind... 'Lucy, you are getting married soon and need to work out what make up you should wear on your wedding day...' / 'you must get a few things to give yourself time to experiment...'

Of course, I listened to those thoughts, and there is now a video which includes me using these things! To be completely honest, the only things I purchased with the wedding make up in mind were the foundation (Mac Face and Body) and the eye-line, a beautiful, soft bronzey-brown (also Mac). I am still yet to experiment too widely on wedding day make up as I can't decide what I want to do!

Anyway, enough babbling on from me, I hope you enjoy this video, please feel free to click on through to YouTube and subscribe too, I would love you forever and a day :-)


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