27 February 2015


Hello lovely people. The weeks in the countdown to our wedding are moving so ridiculously fast that I literally feel like I am writing this post every day! We are four weeks and five days away, holy moly! This week has also been my birthday (did you catch yesterdays post?) so it has been a somewhat over-indulging week and I still have the weekend to go yet! What have you guys been up to this week? Here are the things that have made my week special...

 photo birthday-flowers_zpsdzxlma4j.png
^^Just a few of my lovely birthday flowers, I was a lucky girl^^

1. Being swept away for the day by my lovely friend L last Saturday for heavenly beauty treatments, tasty food and Fifty Shades! It was a birthday/hen-do treat and was ridiculously wonderful! We don't get to spend large amounts of time together these days so it felt like a proper treat (thank you so much L xx)

2. Coming home to a kitchen table full of daffodils on Wednesday evening. My man knows the way to my heart! It's amazing how those little yellow blooms can cheer up the most stressful of days (along side a cuddle of course!).

3. My mum turning up at work with a balloon, cup-cakes, flowers and pressies. I spent the rest of the day explaining to the students that '...yes, it is my birthday' and '...no, I'm not 47' (thanks a lot kids!).

4. I work with some utterly bonkers, but wonderful people, who I love sharing my day with. This week we have been out for fish and chips together and, yesterday, a few of them ambushed my office with silly string (interesting to get out of your hair but loads of fun either way!). My lovely office buddy M also bought me a yummy cake, which is currently sat on the kitchen side awaiting its fate. They are great fun, fab listeners and have hearts of gold. <3

5. My Red magazine dropping through the door. I have a serious problem with magazines, I love them and specifically the spring editions. Bright colours, new products to swoon over... bring on Sunday morning with a cup of tea!

This week really has been equal parts stress and fun but that is life huh?! I am another year older and apparently meant to be wiser, although I am not convinced on that one right now! Please comment below and let me know what the highlight of your week has been too! 


  1. Sounds like a wonderful birthday! I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one with a magazine problem, I really can't resist buying them (3 subscriptions for Christmas last year!). I've had a busy week but made lemon meringue ice cream yesterday to eat with friends we had round for dinner, so that made up for the rest of the rubbish :) x

    1. Yum, lemon meringue ice cream sounds heavenly!! Magazines are my guilty pleasure... there is nothing like a fresh pile of them at the beginning of the month! I hope you are well lovely xx


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