13 February 2015


As I type this weeks post (I never pre-schedule this one for obvious reasons!) I am looking out at grey, moody skies and trees blowing about in the wind, but in front of that view is the one pictured below! 

 photo fromlucywithlovedaffodils_zps83938aa9.png
1. Let's talk about these beautiful blooms first. When I got home from work last night the postman had put a note through the door to say there were perishable goods left in the bin round the back. Doh, obviously, it's a bin! However, what he was actually referring to were these boxed up lovelies. The only trouble was that they were addressed to Joe, so I thought, either he is sending daffodils to himself OR some other woman has sent them to him (cue nail sharpening!). When he came home though it became clear that they were for me, phew (*retracts claws). Seriously though, daff's are my favourite and the best option for Valentines ever! Thanks Joe xx

2. Rest days. I had to take a few days rest this week as I managed to pull a muscle in my back on Sunday. Good job Lucy, good job. Anyway, I am back 'on it' now but feel very grateful that a few days off of training did the job.

3. E45 lotion. Is it just me or has anyone else turned into a scaly mess this winter (sorry, I hope you are not eating lunch right now!). Does my body not know I am trying to get 'wedding-ready'? This stuff is a God send and I cannot live without it at any time of year. Just saying.

4. Fabulous work colleagues for organising fabulous adventures. 

5. Laid-back lunched with friends. Technically this was on Sunday, which is this week really! Joe and I went to lunch with L and A last weekend and it was awesome. We felt like we were tucked away in a beach cafe somewhere in Cornwall. Bob Marley was playing on the radio, pizza was served and laughs were had. Laid back meals like this one are always appreciated. Thanks guys.

This week I have discovered the fabulous Carrie's YouTube channel, called 'It's Way Past My Bedtime' and enjoyed watching her videos titled 'Dear Tom & Gi' - it was only after a bit of research that I realised she is the sister of McFly's Tom Fletcher, call me slow! / I also enjoyed reading (and laughing, a lot) Michelle's birthday blog post '31 Little Life Lessons', especially because I have already drafted something very similar ready for my 34th birthday coming up. What can I say, we are in-tune! / My soon to be hubby has had some of his bands tunes on several radio stations this week too. They have a new Alice in Chains cover out for your listening pleasure if you are interested, hear it here!

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