6 February 2015


I blinked on Monday, and when I opened my eyes again it was Friday...

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So, this week has been about searching for wedding shoes (I still haven't ordered any) and training myself into a quivering mess (nothing unusual about that I guess!). It has been a good one though but I am certainly pleased to be welcoming in the weekend.

Here are the things that I am super grateful for this week...

1. A mid-week trip to Tescos. Not something I would normally mention, but I had to rush in there to get brown paper and packing tape and happened to say to Joe, 'how would you feel about some mini-eggs?', his response was the right one, and so we enjoyed a little chocolatey treat, on a school night!

2. Discovering The Body Shops Instablur Primer - oh heavens, it's a good one people. I have been recommended Laura Mercier primers for my wedding day but, right now, the price point is just too much. I have been on the hunt for something that really works but am always skeptical about primers because, in my experience, they just don't work as well as they claim. The Instablur one, however, is amazing. It seems to smooth out my skin and certainly makes my make up last much longer. Stay tuned to my YouTube channel, where it is bound to be mentioned very soon.

3. Snow (but not too much snow). I really wanted to see some snow where we are and, on Tuesday morning, my wish was fulfilled. I woke up at 6am and looked out the window to see a fresh covering of untouched snow, is there anything more peaceful? I love seeing little paw prints, left from the various neighborhood cats, and the cute little foot-prints left from the birds. That said, it wasn't enough snow to cause absolute havoc, so that's a good thing.

4. Treats from the soon hubby-to-be. I have been a very lucky girl this week and been treated to several bits and bobs including; a new pair of training leggings, two pairs of very cute socks and a bunch of bright yellow tulips.

5. A sleepy sofa night. Last night, both Joe and I were absolutely exhausted so we succumbed to taking a sofa each and having a doze, with the TV talking quietly to itself in the background. I love the occasional evening like this, when we don't have to get up super early for work and can just totally relax. We ended up sleeping for two hours, which was a tad excessive, but clearly needed!

I haven't had too much time to catch up with blogs and YouTube this week (hands up what I'll be doing this weekend!), but I did catch a couple of things that I really enjoyed including Rosie's 'Mudane Tuesday Vlog' - I adore vlogs, especially when they are just everyday life, these are my favourite. I am fascinated by what people get up to and Rosie's video's are always amazing to watch and I always find myself absorbed into her life. I also really enjoyed reading Anya's post all about having patience, I need to be more on bored with that also!

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