26 February 2015


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Today I turn thirty-bloody-four. Whilst I am not quite sure how this happened, I am at peace with ageing, I mean, what would be the point in getting down about something you are powerless to prevent. No point.

To celebrate another grey hair, and new wrinkle appearing, I thought I would list some things I have learnt in my life up to now. Advanced warning: these may not be overly serious, life-affirming things!

1 :: It's never too late to buy a pop-stars album and play it like an obsessed teenager.
2 :: Showing people that you are struggling is not a sign of weakness.
3 :: It is okay to want some time totally alone at least once a week.
4 :: Buying a lot of make up does make you feel better.
5 :: Swearing at an exercise DVD totally helps (and burns extra calories right?).
6 :: Meal planning before the weekly grocery shop does not make you a pensioner.
7 :: Only wanting to spend Saturday nights at home in pyjamas is utterly acceptable. 
8 :: Catching yourself repeating your mothers phrase's you never thought you'd say is just inevitable!
9 :: Heating your clothes on the radiator whilst you're in the shower is the way forward (except your pants...that just feels like you've wet yourself!).
10 :: Cat/dog cuddles are one of the best cure for sadness.
11 :: Listening to Radio 2 and Magic FM doesn't mean you are 'past it', it just means you are super cool.
12 :: There is something to this 'Mindfulness' thing. Reading about this has made a difference to my ridiculously anxious brain.
13 :: A red lip equals instant feel-goodness (yep, that sentence makes total sense!).
14 :: Having a different opinion to everyone else is just fine (providing you're not being a totally idiot!)
15 :: Not every friendship/relationship story will have a happy ending.
16 :: Cornish fish and chips just taste better.
17 :: Reading Harry Potter is the best escapism there is.
18 :: Learn lessons about yourself from every experience, good or bad, just take something away from it.
19 :: Getting up early and sitting in total silence with a cup of tea is heaven on a stick.
20 ;; Having a healthy mind is a million times more important than worrying about being thinner (who knew!).
21 :: There is nothing wrong binge eating your body weight in chocolate...sometimes (helps no: 20 also!). 
22 :: Some people will just be rude no matter how you are to them, that is just who they are.
23 :: Stop trying to be someone you are not, if you are a jeans and sloppy jumper girl then be her  - fully commit. If you want to dress in glitter from head to toe, then sparkle, damn it - be you.
24 :: Glasses are sexy, not geeky. Or maybe geeky is sexy...yep, geeky is sexy.
25 :: Beards grow on you in time (ha ha, see what I did there!)... basically, I used to hate beards, now I love them. I didn't mean I was growing one...oh, never mind!
26 :: Quoting Friends, Life of Brian and Fawlty Towers as part of your daily vocabulary is awesome, no matter what others tell you.
27 :: Respect everyone for what they are experiencing, no matter how trivial it may appear to you. Everything is in context to someone's life as it is now. Don't compare.
28 :: Jump in with both feet to situations that scare you.
29 :: Home-made pizza (including the base) taste bloody amazing. Make some tonight!
30 :: Wearing fluffy socks with ears is more fun as an adult.
31 :: Look after your feet. Seriously!
32 :: Tell you friends how much they mean to you, as often as possible.
33 :: Sing out loud as much as possible - this is wonderfully healing (add some dancing too for good measure!).
34 :: It is really hard to think of 34 things I have learnt at 34 ;-)


  1. Happy Birthday for yesterday! I love the list, number 5 made me laugh! x

  2. Thanks Gemma! I quite enjoyed writing my random list! Gives people a small insight into the craziness! Hope you are well x

  3. I'm terribly late with this but belated happy birthday! Excellent list as well, I especially like 6, 7 and 15, although pretty much everything on there I agree with! :-) xx


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