29 January 2015


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Last week, the lovely Lisa over at ‘The Creative Canvass' nominated me for the Liebster Award, an award given to new blogs by other bloggers, as a way of spreading the blogging love and allowing new blogs to be discovered. I have been nominated for this before, right near the start of this blogs creation, but as the blog has developed now, and what I post about has evolved quite a lot over time, I thought it would be great to answer Lisa’s questions and nominate some blogs that I love to read too! Before I start though I’d like to say a huge thank you to Lisa for getting me involved in this, her blog is fab, so definitely head over there to have a read too.

I want to echo what Lisa said in the introduction to her Liebster post; the blogging community really is wonderful. I have made several friends in fellow bloggers as well as a couple in readers too. The community is very supportive and I find it such a great way of releasing creativity. I love the freedom of having your own space and voice and being able to talk freely about any subject you want to.

The way the Liebster Award works is that I give you 11 facts about me, to allow you to get to know me better (to be honest, I probably give you way too much information about me anyway!) and then I answer the 11 questions Lisa has set me before nominating a blog / some blogs of my own and setting 11 questions for them too – simples! So, here we go…

11 Random Facts About Me
For this portion of the programme I was thinking what I could tell you that is different from the things I have listed in my ‘About Me’ section, then I thought, you may as well head there to read those things! They are all pretty darn random!

Now, onto the questions that Lisa set for me...

1. What inspired you to start blogging?
When I was younger I always kept diaries and enjoyed documenting things that I was doing, so I feel like I was drawn to blogging because of the desire to continue down this road. I always like to be doing something creative and like to write and make things, so I think that's what made me start From Lucy with Love (after a short and rubbish attempt at blogging when I was at university under a different blog name!).

2. What’s your favourite blog post and why?
This is a difficult one to answer because I post on such a variety of subjects. More recently I did a very honest post, The Importance of Understanding, which I had thought about doing for a long time and involved a certain confidence to put out there but I think it is one of my favourites as it is totally open and honest.

3. What’s one thing you’d love to blog about but are not sure if you should?
I think the post I have just mentioned covers the one subject that I was a bit afraid to put out there. I guess I would like to be able to feel confident enough not to worry about what other people will think or say. I am getting better at that, but, as a blogger I believe you sign up for putting yourself out there to contradictory opinions. 

4. If time and money were unlimited, where is one place you’d love to travel to?
This may sound utterly boring to most people but if I could take a whole bunch of time out I would love nothing more than to travel around the coast of Great Britain, making art along the way of all the places I see. I would specifically like to spend time exploring Scotland and all the little islands around it, such as the Isle of Skye. Maybe this is a humble travel dream, but it is what I would do if I had the time and money!

5. If you could makeover a room in your house what would it be?
We don’t own our own house so that makes it difficult, but hypothetically speaking, if the house we lived in was ours, I would certainly make our lounge a lot more warm and cosy. It is so hard when you rent as you can’t paint the walls or anything, which I would do for sure if it was ours. I'd really like to hang pictures on the wall and make it a lot more personalised!

6. Cats or dogs?
Can I say both? I have always had animals in my life. When I was living at home it was always dogs, but now that I have moved out having a cat has been the easier option. When you go off to work it makes more sense to keep a feline friend. We currently have Gizmo, who features on my Instagram on a regular basis! We adopted her after she was spending all her days in our garden and no-one seemed to own her. She is Joe's first proper pet and she loves him completely.

7. If you could do any job in the world what would it be?
To be self-employed is the big dream. If I could do this I would do something creative and have a working environment surrounded by inspiration and light. I think I would do well working for myself, I am fiercely motivated and passionate about the things I love, so we will have to see what the future holds!

8. What’s your favourite colour?
Hands down, my favourite colour is blue, all shades. I adore the colour blue and am always drawn to it. It is a classic colour that is easy to style and wear with other basics, like white, grey and black. It is only fairly recently that I introduced brighter colours into my life after always being a big wearer of black as a teen!

9. What’s one addiction you have that no one knows about? (until now…)
The only thing I am totally addicted to, but it is certainly not a secret, is make up...any make up. Oooh, having said that, strike the make up - I am totally addicted to stationary. It is a problem, a big problem. I cannot go into Paperchase without wanting to buy the whole store and simply adore art shops. If you have any doubt about this addiction you should check out my office tour video on my YouTube Channel! (I didn't mean to plug the channel there, just want to prove it!)

10. What’s your favourite thing to do on the weekend?
Prepare yourself for a totally boring answer. My favourite day involves a cup of tea in bed, with a magazine (obvs!) followed by a stroll around the garden centre with Joe (and possibly more tea there too). I also love to exercise really, really hard at the weekends, the reason for this is two-fold. One, I can have a treat minus guilt and two, I can nap on the sofa, feeling all content that I have done a workout and can smugly rest for the remaining hours of the day :-)

11. What’s one recipe that you can’t live without?
Without a doubt, one of my favourite recipes is a vegetarian lasagne recipe that I have had for years. I can’t even remember where it came from. I think it may have been a Jamie Oliver one from way back. It is just one of the tastiest lasagne's I have had, even though I am not a veggie!

This is the part where I nominate other bloggers!Sadly for me, but great for them, a couple of the bloggers I wanted to nominate had already been nominated fairly recently. So, whilst I wait patiently to hear back from a couple of others I will make you this promise - I will tweet and blog as soon as I have my nominees... I hope that is ok for now. Watch this space!



  1. I love these for finding out a bit more about people! I too want to travel around the coast of the UK, blogger road trip??
    And love love love your sexy new blog design, was it all you?
    Oh oh oh AND I want the lasagne recipe. I'm in no way a veggie but some of my favourite meals are weirdly meat free.
    M x

    1. Ha ha! YES to the blogger road trip, I have no money, let's go!! Seriously need a break away though... not long to go until I get married and have three weeks off in Cornwall so YAY to that!
      Yep, the blog design is all my work, watercolour splats and all! I am no expert but I am happy with it, although I am still tweaking bits of it. I will pop the lasagne recipe up on the blog soon...eyes peeled (it is seriously yummy!) I hope all is well with you - are you doing a column every week in the paper? Can I find it on-line?xx

  2. I too used to journal when I was younger. I kept a diary everyday for something ridiculous like 7 years. Your travel goal sounds so nice and I really hope you get to do them soon. I'm with you also on the colour blue and stationery. Thanks so much for accepting the nomination, I look forward to hearing about yours and Gizmos adventures soon.

    1. Thank you for the nomination lovely. I have so many journals from my teenage years it's crazy, but makes for very interesting reading too :-) I hope you are having a fabulous weekend. xx


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