31 January 2015


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Making | a water-coloury mess!
Cooking | batches of healthy food to stock up the freezer.
Drinking | hot Ribena. Not the greatest for me I know, but a comfort when a sugar hit it needed pronto!
Reading | Michelle's newspaper column...well done lady! This girl rocks, check her out if you haven't already!
Wanting | so many wedding related purchases that I just cannot afford.
Looking | at Zara's spring collection like a mad woman. What must it be like to have clothes that don't have holes?
Playing | Ed Sheeran and Candy Crush... in any order (sometimes together...filth!).
Deciding | what on earth to do with my hair for my wedding day.
Wishing | for lots of snow!
Enjoying | getting to know my lovely new friend, H.
Waiting | for my birthday next month (I love birthdays, mine or other peoples!).
Liking | my commute to work with inspirational podcasts by Sean McCabe and Ben Toalson. Sean is a hand-lettering and design genius, but the podcasts really would satisfy anyone, they are so motivational.
Wondering | what it will feel like to be a wife.
Loving | the slightly lighter evenings. I really need more sun now.
Hoping | I can save for some new converse for spring, either these, or these - thoughts welcome!
Marveling | over my ability to remember every line of Aladdin (it's on Netflix people!).
Needing | to invest in new sports wear and trainers (again).
Smelling | the hyacinth that L bought me last weekend. Bring on spring flowers!
Wearing | my one year old Primark Christmas leggings...still. Who doesn't love reindeer's and hearts in January for heavens sake.
Following | many new Instagram accounts! Instagram is the new black in my opinion.
Noticing | how much happier I feel this month.
Knowing | I have a lot of work to do to get my business idea off the ground.
Thinking | about living by the sea.
Feeling | exhausted from five training sessions in a row, have another to do as soon as I hit publish on this little beauty!
Opening | a package from MAC, my first ever product from them (gasp!).
Giggling | at Joes impression of my laugh, cheeky boy!

What sums up your January? Let me know the highlight of your month in the comments.

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