5 January 2015


I'm back, after a short break from Monday videos, with this 'Post Workout Skin-Care & Make-Up' video for you! I figured that a vast majority of us are on a health kick at this time of year and, I don't know about you, but I feel so much better having put a little make up on after I have worked out.

Speaking of working out and improving overall health, my last post was about a new series I am starting on my YouTube Channel, called 'Healthy Happy Life'. If you haven't seen the introduction video then why not check it out here!

I hope you are all feeling motivated and inspired for the new year ahead. I am ready for the new challenges I have set myself this year and am looking forward to sharing some of that journey with you. I am also looking forward to discovering some new blogs to read too, so if you write one please link it below so I can have a peep and, as always, please comment and get in touch on the wide variety of social networks I am on (linked in the right side-bar!).


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