17 January 2015


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Just over a week ago I put up this blog post telling you guys about a new YouTube series I have started on my channel, called 'Healthy, Happy Life'. I decided to start it for a bit of New Year motivation for me, as well as the added bonus of having you lovely people to answer to if I slipped up! I also hope that we can all stick to our healthy plans together and share what has been working well for us all either in the comments of this post, or on the video comments, so go for it!

I hope you enjoy this weeks video. I wanted to talk a bit about the training I am trying to do as well as a bit about food, although I am going to talk more about this in weeks to come. Everything I mention in this video is linked in the YouTube information bar directly below the video (to see this you must watch it via YouTube itself).

It is worth noting that these videos are about a week behind 'real time' to allow for editing and uploading!

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