23 January 2015


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^^The gorgeous sunset we had outside our house last night^^

This week has been fffreeezing huh? Unless you are reading this from another country of course, in which case please fill my head with daydreams of what it's like with you in the comments. I have some beautiful spring flowers sat on the sideboard in the lounge and am really excited to see the brand new bulbs bursting through the earth very soon. 

It has been a strange old week this week, full of medical appointments and busy work days but I am pleased to see the weekend peeking its little nose over the horizon! I hope you all had a fabulous week. Here's the five things I am (most) grateful for this week:

1. Having gone to the doctors for an appointment yesterday (no need to go into detail here!) and managing to pass out, not once, but twice, I am very grateful for the doctor and nurse who didn't feel the need to yell 'for heavens sake woman, man up!' at me. This incident was followed by tea and chocolate biscuits at my mum and dads to stop the shaking. Can I just add that I went back to work after that and carried on as normal? Gold star! Under this section I must also add that Joe made dinner and took very good care of me in the evening too <3

2. This week I finally managed to sort out some flowers for our wedding. I am so happy this is done as time is slipping away so fast. There are just over two months (two months!) to go. I ordered my bouquet from a gorgeous company called The Cornish Cutting Garden, who have adorable designs and fabulous ethics, so I very pleased to be getting my blooms from them. I don't know 100% what I will end up with as I have given them a bit of creative licence, but I showed them my Pinterest wedding board for inspiration!

3. A mid-week pressie from a grateful parent. Part of my job can be a little testing sometimes but it is nice when you get a good result for someone. This week I received a beautiful orchid and bottle of Prosecco from a kind parent who was grateful for some help with a tricky situation.Very sweet and very appreciated.

4. Cheesy broccoli and cauliflower. Not the healthiest of things to eat but oh-so yummy, especially the crispy bits around the edge!

5. Joe presented me with Mary Poppins on DVD this week and I couldn't be happier with it! It was on Netflix until last year when they removed it, probably because of a certain dodgy London accent I assume! Either way I love that film and can't wait until Christmas each year to see it! Now I have it for whenever I want to see it :-)

This week I have really enjoyed watching Beautosauras Lex's video on her favourite braided hair styles - I am searching for wedding-hair inspiration / reading Rosie's 'Six Months More' post - this made me all emotional and grateful for what I have in my life /  looking at photo's of other peoples amazing apartments, like Linsey's, featured on another blog this week.

I hope your week has been filled with great things. Let me know a highlight from your week below.


  1. I hope you're ok and feelong better.

    1. Thank you lovely lady. I am on the mend now, thank goodness! I'm hoping to get my Liebster post up this week too! Will tweet it when it's up! Thanks again for the nomination :-)


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