16 January 2015


We all made it to another Friday, and what a week it has been. How are you all? Pop something about your week in the comments, tell me what you have been up to!

This week has been as mad and as full-on as all the others recently and I am very ready for the weekend. I have moved offices at work again, which involved traipsing up and down several flights of stairs with many, many folders and boxes. It is nice to have a bit more space again and some cracking company throughout my work day to keep me entertained :-)

 photo fromlucywithlovepancakes_zps438d0b48.png
^^The most yummy pancakes ever, well, so far anyway!^^

Let's do this lovely people...five things that I am grateful for this week.

1. Blueberry pancakes. This happened on Sunday actually, but that's allowed as I type these posts on Fridays! We ventured to Bills in town on Sunday for brunch and it was as delicious as ever. My trusty choice of pancakes (with fresh strawberries and blueberries) did not fail to satisfy my man-like, post-exercise, appetite.

2. Receiving an awesome (very funny) card on Wednesday from the bestie to provide a bit of mid-week cheer. It is so nice getting something delivered to work and really helps to lift the spirits up. It joins my 'motivation' wall in the office.

3. Snuggly jumpers, tea and toast. I came home yesterday, after a bit of a busy Thursday, and felt like I was getting a cold. Whenever I feel a bit rubbish I just want cosy clothes (on went the navy and white spotted-fleece pjama bottoms, soft t-shirt and thick, woolly jumper) followed by a hot mug of something and a piece of toast (with butter and Marmite of course!).

4. Being tucked away under a warm duvet whilst the storm blew up a gale on Wednesday night. They predicted strong winds and they were right. We are somewhat vulnerable in that we live right by a field, so no wind-breaks for us. We barely slept due to the noise, which is equally exciting and terrifying, especially when you can hear roof tiles hanging on for dear life. Weather like that makes me feel small.

5. Kitchen fairy lights. When the cat decides she wants company at 3am, and drags me downstairs on the pretence of wanting to go out, I can't stand putting lights on for fear of becoming wide awake and said cat thinking 'hey mum, it's morning, let's play!'. The magic of the kitchen fairy lights just make it all better. P.S. Nine times out of ten she wants a cuddle and to be settled back on her bed - thanks for that Gizmo. (Side note: I would also be grateful for a cat-flap).

I hope you all have a lovely, restful (and fun!) weekend guys xoxo

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