9 January 2015


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^I am very grateful for finding some tasty green tea with mint too!^

Welcome to the new, updated version of my 'Loving, Needing, Meh!' post and the new, regular, Friday post! I loved my 'Loving, Needing, Meh!' posts but felt the need for change. Change is good for the soul.

2015 is about noticing. Noticing the every-day, the ordinary and the unappreciated. Noticing how lucky I am to have the things I have and the people I have in my life who care. That's where this post comes in. Sometimes, the weeks are so jam-packed that it is hard to list things that have made you super-happy, because if all you have done is drive to work, work all day and drive home it can all get rather samey! But it is easy to list the things you are grateful for, or it should be. I hope you enjoy reading these new additions to your Friday reading.

So, here we go, the very first post of 'The five things I am grateful for this week'...

1. Having fabulous friends who listen to all my wacky plans and thoughts and boost my motivation in everything I want to do (not to mention the motivational text messages this week too - thanks guys!).

2. Lovely emails from even lovelier readers. I honestly get so excited when I receive an email from one of you guys, I really like hearing from you. This week I had a really sweet email from H, we have been chatting over email for a while - it just goes to show what great friends you can meet, without actually meeting them! I also had an email from C, which was really nice to read (if you are reading this now, I will reply to you straight after this!).

3. Frozen lunches. Well, they are not actually frozen when I eat them you understand! I have been trying to get a bit better at meal preparation and planning and so embarked on a cooking marathon to set me up for this week (recipes up in a couple of days!). Waking up at 5am and knowing I don't have to sort out food for lunch is heaven.

4. Podcast company on the way to work. I heard about Sean Wes via YouTuber Charli Marie TV. Charli's a designer from New Zealand and she recommended Sean's podcast for their creative and business inspiration. There are over 100 to listen to and they are the perfect way to make my journey to work seem less boring! They are kind of design-industry specific but if you are looking for general creative ideas and ways of working then you may enjoy them too!

5. My quirky little family. I felt so sleepy all week and by Wednesday couldn't wait to get home and relax. I text Joe and told him that 'I couldn't wait to get home to my quirky little family...' This includes Joe and Gizmo the cat of course. Sometimes all you need is the ones you love and a cup of tea to make it all seem fine and dandy again.

Blog posts I have enjoyed this week: Laura's 'I can't not try, you know', a post about feeling the fear and doing it anyway / Freya's post, from the beautiful blog 'Nishaantishu', about 'How to Choose Happiness' / Anna's 'New York Vlog' and post (jealous, me? Yep!)

What are you grateful for this week? Leave me a comment below and let's share some love! <3


  1. great idea to note down the big and seemingly little things that makes us feel gratitude. And I love your header design! :) have a happy and creative 2015!

  2. Thanks lovely. I hope all is well with you and that you had a great Christmas!xx


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