30 December 2014


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Making | the last trip in my old car.
Cooking | a beef joint that was horrible.
Drinking | whiskey.
Reading | contracts.
Wanting | to play Little Big Planet 3.
Looking | relatively scruffy. 
Playing | Journey on PS3 after a long time.
Deciding | on writing new music.
Wishing | it could be Christmas, everydaaay!
Enjoying | looking back at all the music we did this year.
Waiting | for the bloke in the post office.
Liking | the Christmas market.
Wondering | how this year has gone so fast.
Loving | watching the Muppet Christmas Carol and all of the Christmas Eve/Day fun we had.
Hoping | for a good New Year.
Marveling | at the International Space Station.
Needing | to start doing Insanity Training again.
Smelling | new car smell.
Wearing | some much needed new clothes.
Following | Gizmo down the stairs at 4am.
Noticing | I've eaten too many chocolates.
Knowing | it's only 3 months to go!
Thinking | about our wedding.
Feeling | warm and Christmassy.
Opening | Christmas presents.
Giggling | to the point of making Lucy hiccup!

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