31 December 2014


 photo fromlucywithlovechristmastakingstock_zpsb48c9dfa.pngHappy (almost) end of 2014! I am still in utter shock about how fast this year has shot by. I remember my mum saying to me '...the older you get, the quicker the years go by...' and, I hate to say this, but she was right!

It has been a full-on crazy year. A lot of ups and downs but we made it, just about in one piece! I hope you have all had a fab Christmas. Tell me in the comments what you are hoping for in 2015! I will be putting up a post shortly about my 'to-do' list for the New Year (I am loathed to say 'resolutions' as, by calling them this seems to immediately deem them to fail!).

Anyway, back to rounding up this year with 2014's final 'Taking Stock' post:

Making | Christmas swiss finger biscuits. Terrible for your health but oh so yummy!
Cooking | chewy roast parsnips. 
Drinking | wine, for the first time in months and months. Well, it was the Christmas party!
Reading | a couple of new blogs, including 'Little Tiny Pieces', a beautiful lifestyle blog I recently discovered :-)
Wanting | new trainers. Still. Mine are all kinds of broken and are now hurting my tootsies.
Looking | sleepy.
Playing | Taylor Swifts 1989 album and quite enjoying it!
Deciding | on various changes to my blog for 2015.
Wishing | the world could be a more peaceful place.
Enjoying | spending a bit more time with friends this month.
Waiting | to see what January brings.
Liking | getting up early and switching on the Christmas lights in the lounge and kitchen. So magical.
Wondering | whether to get a spinning bike for the lounge :-s
Loving | 'Hot Pepper' lipstick from Bourjois - so 'my colour'!
Hoping | I can stop worrying about everything soon - I doubt it!
Marveling | over how loud Gizmo can snore for such a small cat (she's doing it right now!).
Needing | more than 2 weeks off over Christmas.
Smelling | spiced apple home fragrance.
Wearing | a whole lot of leggings and long jumpers (perfect camouflage for too many chocolates).
Following | many Vlogmas videos on YouTube! My favourites? Meghan Rienks as she is vlogging about her nose job recovery - I am nosy (no pun intended, honest!), Hello October and Essie Button!
Noticing | how mild it is this Christmas.
Knowing | that I have some fantastically supportive work colleagues and friends. If you are reading this - thank you so much xx
Thinking | I need to start making an effort to read again. I have a mountain of un-read books to get through. I think 2015 needs to include a 'step away from technology' day.
Feeling | snuggly in my onesie.
Opening | the patio door countless times in the middle of the night for the hypo cat.
Giggling | at the work Christmas party - I work with some fabulous nutters! (You know who you are!).


  1. Thanks so much for the mention! I'm glad to have found your blog :) Happy New Year! x

    1. No probs at all! Thanks for stopping by my little blog also! Happy New Year!xx


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