12 December 2014

Loving, Needing, Meh! #74

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This week I have been LOVING:
  • Watching a whole variety of YouTubers doing Vlogmas! I really enjoy vlogs but personally I couldn't do vlogmas, my life is quite literally the same on any given day. If you don't know what vlogmas is it is just daily video diaries all through the month of December. Call me nosy!
  • Going into Boots late at night to pick my dad up some medicine and leaving with a gorgeous L'Oreal gift-set with all the make up in it that I was desperate to buy for the Christmas party but couldn't stretch the budget! In love with it all. Thanks Boots.
  • Making the house festive. My favourite thing was draping the left over tinsel all over the picture frames! 
  • The special edition Liz Earle, sweet orange and mint hot cloth cleanser. You guys know how much I adore shampoo and conditioner with mint so when I saw this cleanser I was all over it. Liz Earle products are simply amazing, I highly recommend them. Their original hot cloth cleanser is a staple (not to mention classic) product in my opinion. Also, they always give away freebies and travel sizes for you to try :-)
  • Gizmo cuddles. She laid in my arms like a baby yesterday, it was adorable. Heaven knows how many times a day I say 'I love you' to that fur-ball!
  • Random dance moments at work. We were getting Christmas-party-ready so it is allowed!
  • Hearing from an old friend (xx).
  • A few Celebration chocolates. I am not off the wagon of health, just testing them to make sure they are okay for everyone. Like Henry VIII's servants did for him.
  • My new hair colour. No one has noticed and that is ok because I asked for subtle. I have just had some honey and light brown highlights put in to jazz it up and give it a bit of warmth - honestly, love it!
This week I have been NEEDING:
  • A lot of head ache tablets. I have been feeling a whole lot of rough and yesterday had a migraine (again), My body is ready for an MOT people!
  • To find my huge purple scarf. Where is it? I love it and have matching mittens (insert sad face here...). Off to design a 'missing' poster.
This weeks 'MEH!':
  • What kind of idiot would spend about an hour looking for a new Moleskine diary in a specific design and then wait a week for it to arrive (all the while feeling like an over-excited child - seriously, Moleskine diaries are the best) only to realise the diary was a 2014 one. Er, that would be ME. Luckily I can return it. Maybe I should order a brain instead. HUGE idiot award goes to (drum roll) ME!!

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