5 December 2014

Loving, Needing, Meh! #73

For the first time ever I missed writing this post last Friday. But now the Christmas event I organise is done, over, finished, I am back to normal (maybe!). How are you all and how has your week been? Chuck a comment below and tell me some gossip won't you? 

I feel out of the blogging and YouTube loop right now. I currently have 635 (!) unread posts on Bloglovin and over 20 videos on my 'watch later' tab on YouTube. I wish this was because I have been festively gallivanting about but it all down to work and lack of sleep. Anyway, let's catch up on the week shall we? I may throw in some of last week also!

 photo fromlucywithlovegizmotrio_zps53a75f64.png
{Just thought I would include this little triptych of our Gizmo... scary!} 

This week I have been LOVING:
  • Discovering my blog had been featured on Reloved magazines blog post about their favourite blogs! Thanks Reloved!
  • Glittery nails. I am loving the nail polishes that are mostly clear but have various sizes of glitter in them. I apply one coat so it is so subtle but I think it looks so pretty.
  • Our little anniversary dinner at Bills restaurant in town. If you are a regular reader of this blog then you will already know how much Joe and I love Bills! We had such a lovely meal, the food there is super-dooper (!).
  • A beautiful little gift given to me by the totally fabulous Syb, my gawgous work colleague and friend. She knows how to cheer me up (and make me cry a little too!). Thank you so very much x
  • Christmas card swapping with the lovely Angie B (check out her site here). When the envelope arrived from Angie I wasn't at home so Joe text me to say my Hogwarts letter had arrived - that is how beautifully addressed it was. Thank you lovely lady and gold star for the thought of a blogger/Instagrammer Christmas card exchange! Genius.
  • 'Thinking Out Loud', by Ed Sheeran. The hopeless romantic in me loves this song so much :-)
  • On the topic of music - I have been playing Christmas songs in my car on the way to work. You cannot beat a bit of Shakin' Stevens 'Merry Christmas Everyone' at 6.30am.
  • Christmas lights. As I returned home from my week and pulled into our road I saw that many people have dug out their pretty Christmas displays. I adore seeing lights, especially the sparkly gold ones, around doors and fences, they are just so magical!
  • My advent calender. The only chocolate I am allowing myself until right before Christmas. Yes, I still have an advent calender. Mum buys us one each every Christmas. I will have one forever because I am a child.
This week I am NEEDING:
  •  Last week we went to see Billy Elliot the musical in London. I have seen it before and I wasn't disappointed when I watched it for a second time, in-fact, I think I loved it even more. Unfortunately Joe was unable to come along (boo!) but low and behold they released a DVD of the live show taking place, with the same boy playing Billy that we saw. So this weekend we will be needing to rent that on PS3! Whoop!
  • To find some fake tan for my see-through limbs. I have been in our local Boots store twice now and failed to find any. Am I stupid or do they just stop selling it in the winter?
This weeks 'MEH!':
  • Post training migraines. They really suck :-(

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