8 December 2014

December's You Beauty Box | New YouTube Video

After a two week YouTube break I am finally back! What with work hours and no daylight when I am at home (and no studio lighting), I have been stuck for making videos but I am hoping that I am now 'back on it'! Thank you for being patient with me.

What better video to come back with then a You Beauty Discovery monthly box. I always say this, but I really look forward to picking from the menu and receiving my box through the post every month, it feels like a little treat. It's the small things that keep me happy peeps!

To see what I thought about the products I chose this month just watch the video below, to see a more in depth write up scroll below the video!

This month I chose...
If you hang out on YouTube a fair amount and subscribe to a lot of beauty channels you will definitely have heard of the beautiful Ruth Crilly, from the channel 'A Model Recommends'. Ruth recently brought out this dry shampoo range which is shockingly affordable! The full size is only £2.32 in Superdrug. In the beauty box this month were two, mini sizes (worth £1.32 each) in the scents London and Rio.

I had never heard of this brand before and love trying new cleansers (skincare products generally actually!) so thought I would give it a shot. At just £4.95 for the full size, this product is available from UK stores such as John Lewis and Waitrose, as well as from Amie's own website. The scent of this cleanser is, in my opinion, heaven! It is not so scented that it will upset your skin, just a subtle, natural smell that is lovely to use. I actually really like this product and the price point just makes it even more appealing.

At the same price for the full size (£4.95) this moisturiser is also a bargain. I have a habit of skipping moisturiser sometimes in the morning when I am in a rush as it can take my skin a while to absorb a product, so this is perfect for me. It is light, smells great and sinks in so fast, leaving skin refreshed and matte. Perfect.

Let me know what products you got in your beauty boxes this month, any good recommendations?

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