31 December 2014


 photo fromlucywithlovechristmastakingstock_zpsb48c9dfa.pngHappy (almost) end of 2014! I am still in utter shock about how fast this year has shot by. I remember my mum saying to me '...the older you get, the quicker the years go by...' and, I hate to say this, but she was right!

It has been a full-on crazy year. A lot of ups and downs but we made it, just about in one piece! I hope you have all had a fab Christmas. Tell me in the comments what you are hoping for in 2015! I will be putting up a post shortly about my 'to-do' list for the New Year (I am loathed to say 'resolutions' as, by calling them this seems to immediately deem them to fail!).

Anyway, back to rounding up this year with 2014's final 'Taking Stock' post:

Making | Christmas swiss finger biscuits. Terrible for your health but oh so yummy!
Cooking | chewy roast parsnips. 
Drinking | wine, for the first time in months and months. Well, it was the Christmas party!
Reading | a couple of new blogs, including 'Little Tiny Pieces', a beautiful lifestyle blog I recently discovered :-)
Wanting | new trainers. Still. Mine are all kinds of broken and are now hurting my tootsies.
Looking | sleepy.
Playing | Taylor Swifts 1989 album and quite enjoying it!
Deciding | on various changes to my blog for 2015.
Wishing | the world could be a more peaceful place.
Enjoying | spending a bit more time with friends this month.
Waiting | to see what January brings.
Liking | getting up early and switching on the Christmas lights in the lounge and kitchen. So magical.
Wondering | whether to get a spinning bike for the lounge :-s
Loving | 'Hot Pepper' lipstick from Bourjois - so 'my colour'!
Hoping | I can stop worrying about everything soon - I doubt it!
Marveling | over how loud Gizmo can snore for such a small cat (she's doing it right now!).
Needing | more than 2 weeks off over Christmas.
Smelling | spiced apple home fragrance.
Wearing | a whole lot of leggings and long jumpers (perfect camouflage for too many chocolates).
Following | many Vlogmas videos on YouTube! My favourites? Meghan Rienks as she is vlogging about her nose job recovery - I am nosy (no pun intended, honest!), Hello October and Essie Button!
Noticing | how mild it is this Christmas.
Knowing | that I have some fantastically supportive work colleagues and friends. If you are reading this - thank you so much xx
Thinking | I need to start making an effort to read again. I have a mountain of un-read books to get through. I think 2015 needs to include a 'step away from technology' day.
Feeling | snuggly in my onesie.
Opening | the patio door countless times in the middle of the night for the hypo cat.
Giggling | at the work Christmas party - I work with some fabulous nutters! (You know who you are!).

30 December 2014


 photo Untitled-1_zps7493c3a9.png
{Image sourced from Pinterest | Follow Joe here}

Making | the last trip in my old car.
Cooking | a beef joint that was horrible.
Drinking | whiskey.
Reading | contracts.
Wanting | to play Little Big Planet 3.
Looking | relatively scruffy. 
Playing | Journey on PS3 after a long time.
Deciding | on writing new music.
Wishing | it could be Christmas, everydaaay!
Enjoying | looking back at all the music we did this year.
Waiting | for the bloke in the post office.
Liking | the Christmas market.
Wondering | how this year has gone so fast.
Loving | watching the Muppet Christmas Carol and all of the Christmas Eve/Day fun we had.
Hoping | for a good New Year.
Marveling | at the International Space Station.
Needing | to start doing Insanity Training again.
Smelling | new car smell.
Wearing | some much needed new clothes.
Following | Gizmo down the stairs at 4am.
Noticing | I've eaten too many chocolates.
Knowing | it's only 3 months to go!
Thinking | about our wedding.
Feeling | warm and Christmassy.
Opening | Christmas presents.
Giggling | to the point of making Lucy hiccup!

29 December 2014


 photo fromlucywithlovechristmasweekvlog_zpsd56cd13b.png

Happy last-few-days-of-the-year everyone! How are you all? It is all-go this end and changes are afoot. More on that in future posts I am sure.

Last week I decided I was in the mood for a bit of vlogging, and what better week to partake in something I haven't done for ages then Christmas week huh? I was mostly just mooching about at home, getting a few things sorted out for the festivities but figured you guys may be nosy like me, so here it is!

I would love it if you could subscribe to my YouTube Channel - that way you can be the very first to watch all the new uploads 2015 will bring...or just click through to my vlogging playlist for more ramblings.

As I probably mentioned in the video, I am planning on doing some (hopefully) weekly health vlogs. It is 3 months until my 'big day' and, whilst I have no plans to make a drastic transformation that is totally unrealistic and not maintainable, I do want to lose a few pounds and tone up a little more, so I figured I would take you guys along for the ride. This idea, if I am honest, started life from a rather selfish point of view...I need motivation. You guys motivate me....ta-da! There we have it.

Eyes peeled for those bad boys in January then.

What are your plans for the New Year...let me know below!

25 December 2014


Happy Christmas lovely readers!

I won't even try and apologise for the radio silence you have been experiencing around here lately (except, I am really, really sorry).

Today I thought I would put up a little random video - an office tour. Not only do I love watching work-space tours but some of you lovely people who subscribe to my YouTube Channel actually wanted this (gasp!). 

All the things I mention in the video are listed on the main video's information bar (just click below the video on YouTube to open this section!).

Thank you to everyone who has subscribed and stays with me. You are all very much appreciated and I love chatting to you - let's make 2015 the best year ever!


18 December 2014


 photo fromlucywithloveloreal_zps79df58dc.png

As regular readers of my blog will know, I don't really write about anything beauty related on any other day, other than Monday's, but I just had the urge to put up this post though as I know the products I am going to mention are available right now and if you like them too then you can grab them before the offer disappears. (Just a side-note - this is not a sponsored post!).

Last week I had to pop into Boots to get my poorly dad some late night cough medicine and whilst I was there I thought I would re-purchase L'Oreals (amazing) illuminating primer because it would be rude to leave without any make up right? I also need a new Superliner Black Lacquer - the best liquid liner, with phenomenal staying power, I highly recommend you try it if you are into your feline flicks! Now, I love a free gift and usually, at Christmas time, they are pretty good, but the one I got from L'Oreal I am seriously impressed with. It is called the 'So Couture' gift set and contains a mascara, nail polish, lipstick and eye-liner - basically, everything you need to create that festive glamorous look!

The set is worth over £25.00, and contains products that are true classics that you will use time and time again. L'Oreal are really rocking it for me at the moment. Get yourself out to Boots this weekend and snap up one of their gift sets whilst they are still about!

 photo fromlucywithloveloreal1_zps9898da17.png

15 December 2014


This week is going to be a crazy one lovely readers. I am going to be consuming my body weight in meals (3 work parties and a lovely visit from friends coming up!). Other than trying to squeeze in some much needed cardio, I was thinking about make-up that would transition well from day to night, and so this video was born.

I am a massive fan of the Maybelline 24 Hour Eye Tattoo's, of which I have four in my collection, but recently experimented with the newly released Excess Shimmer shadows by Max Factor - amazing! They last all day long and have a high colour pigment and great setting ability which means they do not budge at all. They are a no fuss product too, which means you don't need a separate socket colour, just keep building the same shade up for more depth - simple.

To see more of the products I am using at the moment just watch the video - why not subscribe to my YouTube Channel to stay up to date and leave me a comment with any video suggestions you may have too - why not!

As usual, if you have any video suggestions you can leave them in the comments below or perhaps get in touch via one of the many social media channels (linked on the right!). Have a lovely Monday everyone!

12 December 2014

Loving, Needing, Meh! #74

 photo fromlucywithlovechristmascar_zps71dc2c1d.png
{Image sourced from Pinterest | Original found here}

This week I have been LOVING:
  • Watching a whole variety of YouTubers doing Vlogmas! I really enjoy vlogs but personally I couldn't do vlogmas, my life is quite literally the same on any given day. If you don't know what vlogmas is it is just daily video diaries all through the month of December. Call me nosy!
  • Going into Boots late at night to pick my dad up some medicine and leaving with a gorgeous L'Oreal gift-set with all the make up in it that I was desperate to buy for the Christmas party but couldn't stretch the budget! In love with it all. Thanks Boots.
  • Making the house festive. My favourite thing was draping the left over tinsel all over the picture frames! 
  • The special edition Liz Earle, sweet orange and mint hot cloth cleanser. You guys know how much I adore shampoo and conditioner with mint so when I saw this cleanser I was all over it. Liz Earle products are simply amazing, I highly recommend them. Their original hot cloth cleanser is a staple (not to mention classic) product in my opinion. Also, they always give away freebies and travel sizes for you to try :-)
  • Gizmo cuddles. She laid in my arms like a baby yesterday, it was adorable. Heaven knows how many times a day I say 'I love you' to that fur-ball!
  • Random dance moments at work. We were getting Christmas-party-ready so it is allowed!
  • Hearing from an old friend (xx).
  • A few Celebration chocolates. I am not off the wagon of health, just testing them to make sure they are okay for everyone. Like Henry VIII's servants did for him.
  • My new hair colour. No one has noticed and that is ok because I asked for subtle. I have just had some honey and light brown highlights put in to jazz it up and give it a bit of warmth - honestly, love it!
This week I have been NEEDING:
  • A lot of head ache tablets. I have been feeling a whole lot of rough and yesterday had a migraine (again), My body is ready for an MOT people!
  • To find my huge purple scarf. Where is it? I love it and have matching mittens (insert sad face here...). Off to design a 'missing' poster.
This weeks 'MEH!':
  • What kind of idiot would spend about an hour looking for a new Moleskine diary in a specific design and then wait a week for it to arrive (all the while feeling like an over-excited child - seriously, Moleskine diaries are the best) only to realise the diary was a 2014 one. Er, that would be ME. Luckily I can return it. Maybe I should order a brain instead. HUGE idiot award goes to (drum roll) ME!!

8 December 2014

December's You Beauty Box | New YouTube Video

After a two week YouTube break I am finally back! What with work hours and no daylight when I am at home (and no studio lighting), I have been stuck for making videos but I am hoping that I am now 'back on it'! Thank you for being patient with me.

What better video to come back with then a You Beauty Discovery monthly box. I always say this, but I really look forward to picking from the menu and receiving my box through the post every month, it feels like a little treat. It's the small things that keep me happy peeps!

To see what I thought about the products I chose this month just watch the video below, to see a more in depth write up scroll below the video!

This month I chose...
If you hang out on YouTube a fair amount and subscribe to a lot of beauty channels you will definitely have heard of the beautiful Ruth Crilly, from the channel 'A Model Recommends'. Ruth recently brought out this dry shampoo range which is shockingly affordable! The full size is only £2.32 in Superdrug. In the beauty box this month were two, mini sizes (worth £1.32 each) in the scents London and Rio.

I had never heard of this brand before and love trying new cleansers (skincare products generally actually!) so thought I would give it a shot. At just £4.95 for the full size, this product is available from UK stores such as John Lewis and Waitrose, as well as from Amie's own website. The scent of this cleanser is, in my opinion, heaven! It is not so scented that it will upset your skin, just a subtle, natural smell that is lovely to use. I actually really like this product and the price point just makes it even more appealing.

At the same price for the full size (£4.95) this moisturiser is also a bargain. I have a habit of skipping moisturiser sometimes in the morning when I am in a rush as it can take my skin a while to absorb a product, so this is perfect for me. It is light, smells great and sinks in so fast, leaving skin refreshed and matte. Perfect.

Let me know what products you got in your beauty boxes this month, any good recommendations?

5 December 2014

Loving, Needing, Meh! #73

For the first time ever I missed writing this post last Friday. But now the Christmas event I organise is done, over, finished, I am back to normal (maybe!). How are you all and how has your week been? Chuck a comment below and tell me some gossip won't you? 

I feel out of the blogging and YouTube loop right now. I currently have 635 (!) unread posts on Bloglovin and over 20 videos on my 'watch later' tab on YouTube. I wish this was because I have been festively gallivanting about but it all down to work and lack of sleep. Anyway, let's catch up on the week shall we? I may throw in some of last week also!

 photo fromlucywithlovegizmotrio_zps53a75f64.png
{Just thought I would include this little triptych of our Gizmo... scary!} 

This week I have been LOVING:
  • Discovering my blog had been featured on Reloved magazines blog post about their favourite blogs! Thanks Reloved!
  • Glittery nails. I am loving the nail polishes that are mostly clear but have various sizes of glitter in them. I apply one coat so it is so subtle but I think it looks so pretty.
  • Our little anniversary dinner at Bills restaurant in town. If you are a regular reader of this blog then you will already know how much Joe and I love Bills! We had such a lovely meal, the food there is super-dooper (!).
  • A beautiful little gift given to me by the totally fabulous Syb, my gawgous work colleague and friend. She knows how to cheer me up (and make me cry a little too!). Thank you so very much x
  • Christmas card swapping with the lovely Angie B (check out her site here). When the envelope arrived from Angie I wasn't at home so Joe text me to say my Hogwarts letter had arrived - that is how beautifully addressed it was. Thank you lovely lady and gold star for the thought of a blogger/Instagrammer Christmas card exchange! Genius.
  • 'Thinking Out Loud', by Ed Sheeran. The hopeless romantic in me loves this song so much :-)
  • On the topic of music - I have been playing Christmas songs in my car on the way to work. You cannot beat a bit of Shakin' Stevens 'Merry Christmas Everyone' at 6.30am.
  • Christmas lights. As I returned home from my week and pulled into our road I saw that many people have dug out their pretty Christmas displays. I adore seeing lights, especially the sparkly gold ones, around doors and fences, they are just so magical!
  • My advent calender. The only chocolate I am allowing myself until right before Christmas. Yes, I still have an advent calender. Mum buys us one each every Christmas. I will have one forever because I am a child.
This week I am NEEDING:
  •  Last week we went to see Billy Elliot the musical in London. I have seen it before and I wasn't disappointed when I watched it for a second time, in-fact, I think I loved it even more. Unfortunately Joe was unable to come along (boo!) but low and behold they released a DVD of the live show taking place, with the same boy playing Billy that we saw. So this weekend we will be needing to rent that on PS3! Whoop!
  • To find some fake tan for my see-through limbs. I have been in our local Boots store twice now and failed to find any. Am I stupid or do they just stop selling it in the winter?
This weeks 'MEH!':
  • Post training migraines. They really suck :-(

2 December 2014

Taking Stock | November 2014

 photo taking-stock-november_zpsc765baa0.png
{Picture sourced from Pinterest for no other reason other than it makes me smile!}

Making | porridge for breakfast again.
Cooking | much healthier options (this is not easy coming up to Christmas let me tell you!).
Drinking | festive green tea (caramelised apple and gingerbread specifically).
Reading | creative business books for inspiration.
Wanting | time to make YouTube videos again. Soon people, soon!
Looking | like I need a good holiday!
Playing | old Genesis and Bryan Adams CD's (yep, CD's!).
Deciding | what to get people for Christmas and various birthdays that are coming up. 
Wishing | for a huge, calorie-free chocolate cake.
Enjoying | watching The Muppet's Christmas Carol with Joe.
Waiting | for the weekends for a treat. I am on the healthy wagon but allowing myself a treat once a week, but boy does it drag!
Liking | every bobble hat I try on. I may have a problem!
Wondering | how a cardboard box can entertain Gizmo for so long, yet her actual cat toys barely get a look in. #catownerproblems
Loving | my work colleagues support - they are the best.
Hoping | to start party planning really soon...post wedding knees up anyone?!
Marvelling | over the talented kids in Billy Elliot the musical - so good!
Needing | a new thumb after pushing what felt like a billion drawing pins into the worlds toughest noticeboard at work.
Smelling | mulled wine in the air at Salisbury Christmas Market.
Wearing | glitter nail polish on my ring finger. I do love a bit of festive sparkle in my life.
Following | way too much of 'I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here' for my liking... I am not meant to like that show - save me.
Noticing | there are a lot of sweets at work that I can't have :-(
Knowing | how much I love my hubby to be.
Thinking | that this Saturday's hair appointment cannot come soon enough - my roots are below my ears. No joke.
Feeling | excited that it is only 4 months until we get married.
Opening | a surprise gift from a lovely friend.
Giggling | at inappropriate children's books and toys. Surely they do it to keep adults entertained?
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