12 November 2014

Top Pins | Autumn

At the moment I am all about cosy autumn things. Snugly looking rooms, over-sized jumpers and scarves and piping hot drinks. The weather in the UK is official dull and Pinterest is just the place to find some cheer! Here are my 'Top Pins' for autumn.

Keeping Warm
Despite the dark mornings (and very early sunsets) this is my absolute favourite time of year. It is all about colours and layers and textures... heaven. One of Joe and I's top things to do is to wrap up warm and head outside for a walk, swiftly followed by a hot cup of tea and a happy film.

 photo fromlucywithlovekeepingwarm_zps9c171ee0.png

(Left to right)
:: Tartan. I have got big-time in to tartan since we went to Edinburgh last October. When did I turn in to a cliché?! I think I now associate it with such a lovely couple of days and seeing it everywhere we went lodged it in my mind. I am on the hunt for a big tartan scarf, much like the ones pictured!
:: Hot chocolates. Need I say more?
:: Blankets, rugs and all things cosy certainly are a must at this time of year.
:: Bobble hats. I am obsessed. Marks and Spencer have some cracking ones this year :-)
:: I love the colder evenings so that I can bring out the cosy socks. Slipping your feet into the gorgeous, fluffy insides is heaven.
:: Whether you enjoy a Sunday breakfast at home or at your favourite cafe, you cannot beat some hot waffles or pancakes with a little syrup to set you up for the day ahead.

Hair & Beauty
The thing I enjoy most about this time of year is that you can get away with a little bit of glam during the day; a touch of glitter liquid liner or big lashes and a red lip - gorgeous! I have a thing about hair tucked in to scarves and roll-necks too, it kind of makes you look like you have had a whole lot of hair chopped off but it keeps your neck warm so is a bonus for sure!

 photo fromlucywithlove-autumn-hair-and-makeup_zpsc3bfed0c.png

(Left to right)
:: Personally, I can't 'pull off' dark hair like this, but I think it is so pretty, especially with simple eye make-up and a pop of colour on the lips. A true classic look.
:: Hair tucked into roll neck jumpers or big scarves is a unique way to keep it from blowing around in the autumn wind.
:: I adore khol eye-liner in the winter months, more for an evening look than during the day, the matte red lip is gorgeous too.
:: Last year I tried this nail look out as I am not one for glitter on every nail. I like the contrast between blood-red/black nails with a touch of glitter on one nail for a bit more impact.
:: Do you apply fake tan in the winter? I am so pale that it is a must for me. If I have a bit of tan on and am having a rare 'good-skin' week I enjoy this kind of bronze, dewy-skin look, with a touch of shimmer to try and give the illusion of cheekbones.
:: Messy buns and geeky glasses are where it's been at during the weekends of late.

Christmas Cheer
You cannot beat a little glitter and fairy lights to brighten up a dreary day.

 photo fromlucywithlovechristmaspins_zpsb90b9fa9.png

(Left to right)
:: I may make this very cute little orange-peel garland. I adore the simplicity or the string too.
:: We don't really do wreathes in our house but I think this twig and berry one is gorgeous. 
:: These yummy looking ginger bread cakes might just satisfy a sweet-tooth or two on a cold afternoon!
:: I must confess that we keep some white fairy lights up all year but will be getting some like these for the festive season too.
:: Can you tell I am hungry whilst I pick my top pins? These snowflake cookies do look good though!
:: Call me crazy but I enjoy the process of wrapping. Pinterest has some fab wrapping ideas!

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