1 November 2014

Taking Stock 'Man Style' | October 2014

What better way to start the month of November than rounding up October with my lovely man. Did you read my 'Taking Stock' post too?

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{Image sourced from Pinterest | Orginal found here}

Making | progress on our wedding plans!
Cooking | steaks.
Drinking | rather a lot of coffee.
Reading | terms and conditions.
Wanting | to live by the beach.
Looking | at wedding rings.
Playing | our new EP on iTunes!
Deciding | on presents.
Wishing | to never hear that song 'Happy' ever again.
Enjoying | our trip to IKEA.
Waiting | for Christmas!
Liking | having a few days off work.
Wondering | what it must be like to take 240 million years for earth to orbit the centre of the Milky Way.
Loving | Lucy's homemade pizzas.
Hoping | to get a lamp for upstairs.
Marveling | at Lucy trying on new glasses.
Needing | a Guitar Hero & whiskey night.
Smelling | some bonfires in the air.
Wearing | my coat.
Following | what the sat nav was telling me.
Noticing | my sleeping pattern has changed.
Knowing | there are plenty of terrible films still to be seen.
Thinking | about how brilliant our early morning film watching was.
Feeling | better for doing INSANITY.
Opening | flat pack furniture (and building it together).
Giggling | at Megashark Vs. Crocosaurus.

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