10 November 2014

November's You beauty Discovery Box | New YouTube Video

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The good thing about a beauty box subscription is that it gives you something to look forward too. I count down to the first day of the month so I can go online and order my two products from You Beauty...I just love the concept! This month, I admit, wasn't the greatest of months, but still, for the money, I am happy with what came through my door this month.

The two products I ordered were:

Skin & Tonic London's 'Steam Clean'
This organic cleansing balm smells fabulous, let's start with that! Its main ingredients, which make it smell so yummy, are eucalyptus oil and spearmint oil. I have a thing about minty products which is what drew me in about this cleanser. I thought it would be a nice refreshing one and I wasn't disappointed. The instructions with this product are a little different to most cleansing balms as it comes with one additional step; once you have massaged it in to the skin you have to lay a warm muslin cloth over your face for 30-60 seconds to allow the pores to open and to allow you time to breathe in the aroma created by the oils. Once wiped away my skin felt soft and clean. Job done! The sample I received was about 15mls, for the full size (50ml) it retails at £27.00 from the company's website, so it is not the cheapest but if you are in to your more natural, organic products certainly one to look at.

Magnifibres 'Brush-On False Lashes'
This is a strange old thing, not bad strange, just strange and unlike anything I have ever tried. Maybe I need to get out more! What did I expect? Well, I have used lash-primers in the past that you put on like mascara and it is white in colour, you know the ones. But this stuff, well, let me just say that it was perfectly timed around Halloween! The consistency of what you see on the wand, when you pull it out of the tube, is what can only be described as in line with those fake cobwebs you buy to put in your doorway, sort of wispy fur... Consistency to one side for a moment. Let's talk about product performance. It was shockingly great actually! You have to put on one coat of your regular mascara, then quickly add one coat of Magnifibres. This process allows the fibres to bond to your wet mascara. You finish by adding one more coat of ordinary mascara. I certainly have longer, thicker looking lashes, I wouldn't say they look like false ones but I guess I may not have applied enough - I was being a tad cautious on first attempt! The full size, which is what came in the box (hooray!) retails at £16.99. That is quite a hefty amount for what it is but it is a fun product to play around with.

As usual, let me know what you got in your beauty box this month or if you don't get one let me know what your favourite product of the moment is!

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