7 November 2014

Loving, Needing, Meh! #70

Welcome to your (almost) weekend people! How has your week been? Anything exciting to report? My week has been pretty full-on, with some Gizmo induced 'fun' (see this weeks 'Meh'!) which led to a night of barely any sleep whatsoever and Joe and I aging 10 years in a very short space of time. But, before I start waffling on, let's get into this weeks round up!

 photo lucyandgizmo_zps0b93021c.png
^^This little monkey has added new grey hairs to my head this week^^

This week I have been LOVING:
  • The new John Lewis Christmas advert. Gorgeous. I may have cried...a little (a lot!).
  • Audio-books. I have really taken to listening to a book on my way to and from work. I am finding that it helps to quieten down my mind. I am currently listening to 'There's Something I've Been Dying to Tell You' by the late Lynda Bellingham. Although this book, in essence, is about her diagnosis and struggle with colon cancer it is peppered with humour and lovely stories which make you laugh and cringe at times too. 
  • My newly updated office. Last week I mentioned our trip to Ikea to get a desk and subsequent office mini-makeover to follow. It is pretty much all done now I am pleased to say and it feels so much better to work in without all the clutter everywhere. It is only a small room so is still pretty full of things but it is certainly a much nicer experience!
  • Choosing Christmas food for a work do. Knowing that I will be getting a Christmas dinner followed by hot waffles with toffee apple slices and ice-cream on 18th December is heaven! 
  • Switching on our white fairy lights that go across the kitchen window when I get home from work. The dark evenings call for twinkly lights!
This week I have been NEEDING:
  • Vitamin C and Echinacea. I have been feeling shivery on and off since Sunday. Boo. I feel like I am fighting it off gradually but certainly can't afford to have a cold right now, so jog on germs!
This weeks 'MEH!':
  • Our lovely little fur-ball, Gizmo, decided not to come home on Tuesday night. Some of you will think this is normal, but for her it is not. She is a creature of habit and never misses dinner, let alone goes out for long. She is always in her bed by 10pm, washing away for ages, before settling down for the night. But Tuesday came and went and no Gizmo. Joe walked around calling for her, nothing. Being the slightly over-emotional, over-sensitive wreck that I usually am, I was going out of my mind with worry. Wednesday morning comes around and still nothing. Not until about 8.30am when she turns up, looking slightly tired but otherwise fine. The verdict? She could have been stuck in someones garage (she has a habit of climbing into nooks and crannies in ours). I bet some poor, unsuspecting person went to take their car out for work on Wednesday and she shot out like a bat out a cave, I am still recovering. She is fine.


  1. I'm so glad the tale of Gizmo had a happy ending! Yeesh, scary times.
    I also love that ^^ picture in which she seems to be saying 'what the hell were you worried for, I'm a bad ass'. Cats don't do contrite. Ever.
    M x

    1. I thought she had disappeared forever...you know what it's like when you have animals (and children too I guess) you always think the most dramatic things first don't you!?! I am an over-sensitive moron though so it is to be expected! I hope you have had a good weekend xx

  2. Oh no! I can completely understand that panicked feeling, so pleased she is back and ok. I cried at the John Lewis advert too, I do every year! There are so many Christmas adverts around at the minute and I'm trying to let myself look forward to Christmas but being so busy kind of prevents that from happening! Hope you have a lovely weekend :) xx

    1. Christmas ads always make me cry! Is it me or are there more adverts this year then there was last? We sat watching TV this afternoon and they advertised a Christmas album! Crazy! I hope you are well lovely lady :-) xx

  3. Poor little Gizmo I hope everything's ok. I also know the great feeling of having an offce space. Ive also just set one up. Hoping it will get me more settled into a blog schedule.

    1. Gizmo is fine, bless her! She freaked us out totally though! Having an office space is so great - I just need to find the time to use mine now :-) xx


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